Getting out of Groundhog Day God’s Way

February 7, 2021   /   Pastor Kyle Bonenberger   /   City Church []

The story: the death of the firstborn and the institution of the Passover.

Exodus 11-12 | Psalm 51:7 | John 19:28-30 | Luke 22:7-23 | Mark 10:45 | 1 Peter 3:18 | Three things we will all need to get out of Groundhog Day God’s way.

    Proverbs 15:18 | Ecclesiastes 7:8 | 1 Corinthians 13:4 | James 5:8 | Romans 8:37-39, 12:12 |

    Psalm 13:1-2, 106:44-45 |

    • Growing .
    • 2-way divine .
    • Continued .


    What Do You Think?

    What struck a chord with you from Sunday’s service?

    The story of your life.

    1. When was the last time you watched the movie Groundhog Day? What do you remember about it if it’s been a while?
    2. Pastor Kyle talked about what it looks like to get out of Groundhog Day “God’s way.” Looking back, how do you think you have navigated the past year? What do you think you have done well? What would you have liked to do differently? How are you different today as a result?

    Digging Deeper.

    1. This past Sunday, we looked at the final plague God sent on the Egyptians and the subsequent establishment of the Jewish Passover holiday. Today, we are going to focus on the narratives surrounding Christ’s final 24 hours as He fulfilled the duties of becoming the “once and for all” substitute for our sins. Read Luke 22:7-20 and have a few members of the group recap the story using their own words.
      1. What does this story tell us about God/people/you?
      2. Share any fresh insights that stood out to you about Christ’s sacrifice in light of having also recently studied the Passover.
    2. A huge part of the Passover celebration incorporated the use of unleavened bread. This was to help the Israelites remember the haste with which God’s people fled Egypt. They didn’t even have time to let their bread rise. In 1 Corinthians 5:6-8, the Apostle Paul likens leaven to sin within Christians. Read it and answer the following questions.
      1. What do you think the Apostle Paul meant when he discussed being a “new lump”?
      2. What do you think it means to “celebrate the festival” as Paul put it in verse 8?
      3. In light of this, is there anything you need to do differently?
    3. Just like a tiny amount of leaven leavens a whole lump, so can a seemingly small sin hinder our walk with God. How might the following verses help us when we are tempted to justify what we might feel is a “small sin”?
      1. James 4:17.
      2. Proverbs 28:13.
      3. John 1:7-9.

    Personal reflection and application.

    1. Have everyone share one thing someone else mentioned that encouraged them.
    2. Have each member share a prayer request and take a moment to pray together.

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