Lombard Bible Church
Why Do We Sing?
January 3, 2021

Why Do We Sing?

January 3, 2021


Pam Covall

Lombard Bible Church

January 3, 2020


Discussion Questions:

Why Do We Sing?

  1. In Psalm 47:6-7, does it sound like a command to sing? If we are commanded to sing, why are we often hesitant to do so?
  2. God is worthy of our praise. What makes praising Him by singing to Him or about Him so important? Why is this kind of praise any different than quoting scripture or playing an instrument?
  3. Read Matthew 11:28-30 The Message version. Do you recognize any rhythm to your life, whether daily, weekly, yearly? How do you embrace that rhythm? How is  worship a part of your daily, weekly, yearly rhythms? How can your improve your worship life by embracing a rhythm of rest, anticipation and celebration?
  4. Read Psalm 105 or 106 or 107. Point out some of the defeats and victories mentioned. What are some stories within this Psalm that stand out to you? Can you think of any hymns or worship songs that tell a story? Does being put to music help you remember it?
  5. Read Acts 16:25-34. Is it easier for you to recall a long section of scripture or a song? Why do you think Paul and Silas were praying and singing instead of praying and quoting scripture to each other? What were the effects of their singing– directly or indirectly?
  6. Do you find music worship or singing songs in church to be unifying or a cause of disunity? What makes you think one way or the other? 
  7. Read Psalm 47:8-9. What do these verse imply about what music (and singing)  is supposed to do for God’s people? 
  8. When is a time you have felt unified with those around you because of singing together? Describe your experience.
  9. Read Mark 14:26, Ephesians 5:19 and Zephaniah 3:17. Have you ever noticed in scripture that God sings? Does this fact make you feel differently about singing? Which passage from above is the most impactful to you; why?
  10. Do you ever hesitate to sing in church? Why? Do you believe God wants you to sing no matter what? 
  11. What are your reasons to sing right now?

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