To Live is Christ: People in Christ

February 14, 2021   /   Lombard Bible Church


Sermon Series: To Live Is Christ

Message 5: People In Christ

Lombard Bible Church

February 14, 2020

Scripture: Philippians 2:19-30


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Discussion Questions (for you & your spouse, family member, friend, or LifeGroup!)

  1. Who is a person that has impacted your faith in a good way? How so?
  2. In Philippians, Paul picks out 2 people from church (Timothy & Epaphroditus) that are pointing to Jesus well with their lives. Read Philippians 2:19-30. What did you hear from the Scripture or the message this past Sunday? 
  3. Timothy’s life was focused on the person and good news of Jesus (Philippians 2:21-22). We learn a big reason for this was the way Timothy was raised in the faith by his family, particularly by his Grandma & Mom (2 Tim 1:5). How has your family influenced your faith? How are you influencing your family towards faith? If not, why not?
  4. Unlike many people Paul knew, Timothy showed genuine concern for people in the church (Philippians 2:20). Why do you think Paul had a tough time finding people that genuinely loved people in the church of Philippi? Do you ever struggle with genuinely loving people at church? What holds you back? 
  5. Epaphroditus was sent by the church to take care of Paul & his needs (Philippians 2:25), which Epaphroditus did, even though he almost died doing it (Philippians 2:27). Has the church ever cared for your needs? How do you think you can show care for peoples’ needs at church? 
  6. What’s one take-away from the Scripture or discussion that you want to apply in your own life this week? 
  7. Prayer Time: Ask, “What do you need right now?”
  8. EXTRA IDEA: Philippians 2:29 encourages the church to honor people like Ephaproditus & Timothy, who like Jesus Christ, selflessly serve others over themselves. Think of someone from church who is like that and find a way to honor them this week.

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