Lombard Bible Church
The Lord’s Prayer: Forgive Us Our Trespasses
January 30, 2022

The Lord’s Prayer: Forgive Us Our Trespasses

January 30, 2022

Sermon Series: The Lord’s Prayer

Message 5: Forgive Us Our Trespasses

January 30, 2022

Lombard Bible Church

Matthew 6:7-13




LBC Life Group Questions

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

  1. What do we often call the part of Scripture between Matthew 5:1 and 8:1?
  1. How would you describe the purpose of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5:1-8:1?
  1. What is the main aim of the kingdom teaching of Jesus between Matthew 6:1 ad 6:18? See Matthew 6:1.
  1. Who are the hypocrites in the time of Jesus that the Lord is describing in verses 2, 15, 16?
  1. What is Jesus teaching about in the following sections? See Matthew 6:2-4; 5-15; 16-18.
  1. What do the following verses tell us about the Father: Matthew 6:4, 6, 18?
  1. Read Matthew 6:5-15. What attitude does Jesus want his followers to have in pray? What are the ways that Jesus wants us to pray? See verses 6, 7, 9-13.
  1. Who should we not imitate in prayer and why? See verse 5.
  1. What is the role of the Father in the believer’s prayer life as shown in verses 6, 8, and 9?
  1. Why pray to God the Father if the LORD already knows what we need (see verse 8)?
  1. What is the structure of the prayer according to the way that Jesus asks us to pray to the Lord’s Father? In other words, what should we ask for in the following verses: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13?
  1. What do we often name the section of Matthew 6:9-13?
  1. To whom does Jesus ask us to pray in Matthew 6?
  1. What does verse 12 mean to you?
  1. Why should the Father “forgive us our trespasses” (debts or sins)?
  1. How would you depict your trespasses? In simpler terms, what are your sins?
  1. What do you understand by the concept of “forgiveness”?
  1. What is the relationship between receiving forgiveness from the Father for our sins and us forgiving those who sin against us? Consider Matthew 18:15-35.
  1. Why does the writer of Matthew’s Gospel place verses 14 and 15 at the end of the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples?
  1. What does verse 14 mean to you?
  1. What is the connection between verses 14 and 15? And what do you feel that Jesus is saying to us from these two verses?
  1. What does it mean that if we do not forgive people, then our heavenly Father will not forgive us? How can this be true when we have already had our sins/trespasses forgiven through the cross of Christ? See 1 John 1:9.
  1. How do you understand the comparison of the expressions “punished by our sins” and “punished for our sins”?
  1. What is the Lord Jesus saying to you through this scriptural lesson about how we should live in God’s kingdom on earth among our family, neighbors, work mates, and church family at LBC?

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