Lombard Bible Church
Jesus King: Mark 8
September 26, 2021

Jesus King: Mark 8

September 26, 2021

Sermon Series: Jesus King

Message 8: Mark 8

September 26, 2021

Lombard Bible Church



Mark 8

LifeGroup Questions

  1. Who is Jesus Christ? What biblical texts do you use to support your belief?
  1. What do your family and friends think about who Jesus is? What is the basis of their opinions?
  1. How does Lombard Bible Church (LBC) present Jesus Christ? What scriptures does LBC use to support this representation?
  1. Why are the Pharisees asking Jesus for a “sign from heaven” (8:11)? What signs do you feel that they wanted and why? What did Jesus do and say to these religious leaders and why (8:12-13)?
  1. Why did the followers of Jesus misunderstand what he was saying? What did Jesus say to them as to why they were not comprehending his teaching and actions? See Mark 8:14-21. How does this relate to your spiritual journey with the Lord Jesus?
  1. Why is Jesus warning the disciples in verse 15? What does he mean when he states, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod”? How you think that this caution is relevant today?
  1. Scan, browse, skim, or ransack Mark 6:41-44 and Mark 8:1-10. In Mark 8:18-21, why is Jesus reflecting on an event in the past? What does he want the disciples to do? Thus, what does our Lord want us to do?
  1. Why does the author of the Gospel of Mark locate the healing of the blind man at Bethsaida (Mark 8:22-26) at this position in the teaching sequence of Jesus?
  1. Compare and contrast the belief of Jewish society and Peter regarding who they thought Jesus was? See Mark 8:27-30.
  1. Read Mark 8:31-9:1. How did Jesus see himself with respect to God’s mission and the kingdom of God?



  1. Day 1 – Read Mark 8:1-21
  2. Day 2 – Read Mark 8:22-26
  3. Day 3 – Read Mark 8:27-38

After each day answer the following questions: 

(1) What shocked or surprised you from this Scripture? Is there anything you didn’t understand?

(2) What would you tell someone else, is the main idea of this section of Scripture?

(3) What does this Scripture teach you about God? 

(4) What does this Scripture teach you about yourself?

(5) If the story is true, how will you live differently? 

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