Lombard Bible Church
Jesus King: Mark 10
October 10, 2021

Jesus King: Mark 10

October 10, 2021

Life Group Questions
Lombard Bible Church

Mark 10:35-45

1. Skim, scan, ransack, or browse Mark 10:1-11:1.

 2. What are Jesus’ movements in Mark 10:1? Locate a map. Compare Mark 9:33. What does this tell you about the ministry of Jesus?

3. What is the trajectory of Jesus’ locations in Mark 11:1? Mark the journey on a map. What is the writer telling us about God’s mission through Jesus? Compare Mark 8:33.

4. What is the overall message of the original author to the first audience in the seven episodes between Mark 10:2 and Mark 11:1. Allow the repeated pattern of Mark 8:31-33; 9:9, 12, 31; 10:33, 45 to guide you in your reflections.

5. Read Mark 10:35-45 and compare the episode with that of Matthew 20:20-28. What are the main differences you observe between the two passages?

6. Consider Mark 1:16-20 together with the two biblical references in question five above. How would you describe the family dynamics of the Zebedee clan of first-centuryPalestine?

7. Why did the author position the episode of Mark 10:32-34 immediately before the request of the sons of Zebedee (see Mark 10:35-37)? Compare the location of the episodes in Mark 9:30-32 and Mark 9:33-37.

8. See Mark 10:35. Do we ever ask related questions to God?

9. What does Mark 10:37 tell you about the disciples’ understanding of the person of Jesus?

10. In answering the request of James and John, what is Jesus referring to when he speaks of drinking the cup” and “baptized with the baptism”? See Mark 10:38-39. 

11. What is the meaning of Jesus’ declaration of Mark 10:40?

12. How and why did the ten respond as they did to the sons of Zebedee (see Mark 10:41)?

13. In reading Mark 10:42-45, what do you hear Jesus saying to you, your family, Lombard Bible Church, or northern American evangelicalism? What steps should we take to follow the admonition of Jesus?

14. How can we practically implement in everyday life what Jesus is asking of his followers in Mark 10:43-44?

15. What do you understand is the meaning of the phrases “the Son of Man,” “to serve,” and “life a ransom” in Mark 10:45?

16. Why does the author position the healing of blind Bartimaeus as the last episode before Jesus enters the district of Jerusalem in Mark 11:1? What is the writer telling his audience? Compare the healing of the blind manat Bethsaida (Mark 8:22-26), which occurs immediately before the Messianic revelation in Caesarea Philippi (Mark 8:27-30).


  1. Day 1 – Read Mark 10:1-16
  2. Day 2 – Read Mark 10:17-31
  3. Day 3 – Read Mark 10:32-52

After each day answer the following questions: 

(1) What shocked or surprised you from this Scripture? Is there anything you didn’t understand?

(2) What would you tell someone else, is the main idea of this section of Scripture?

(3) What does this Scripture teach you about God? 

(4) What does this Scripture teach you about yourself?

(5) If the story is true, how will you live differently? 

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