Jesus King: Bring, Bow, Believe

August 15, 2021   /   Lombard Bible Church


MESSAGE 2: Bring, Bow, Believe

AUGUST 15, 2021



Pastor Justin brought up 3 challenges from Mark 2:1-12: B, B, and B



  1. Have you ever seen for yourself or heard about someone getting healed because of Jesus’ power in the 21st century? Share your story.
  2. In Mark 2, Jesus shows His power and authority by forgiving & healing the paralytic. Read Mark 2:1-12. What did you hear from the Scripture or from the message this past Sunday? (In other words, what’s your takeaway?)
  3. Pastor Justin’s first challenge from the Scripture is BRING. In Mark 2:3-5, a group of people that trust Jesus go through some desperate measures to bring their paralytic friend to Jesus. Have you ever brought someone to church? Why/why not? What keeps us from bringing more friends to church? Think about your non-church-attending friends: what would encourage them to attend church with you?
  4. Pastor Justin’s second challenge from the Scripture is BOW. In Mark 2:1-2, we learn that the crowd is excited about Jesus, in part, because it’s been only a “few days” since Jesus healed a man from leprosy who trusted Him! But when the paralytic & his friends trust Jesus to heal him, Jesus doesn’t heal his physical problem at first. Instead, the paralytic must bow to what Jesus sees is the man’s greater need: forgiveness.  Try this: Make a list* as a group of several basic human needs … Done? Good. Now, how many of the needs you listed are spiritual needs? Why do you think it is easier for us to consider our physical needs before our spiritual needs? Now add to the list spiritual needs … These needs are just as real as physical needs. 
  5. Pastor Justin’s final challenge from the Scripture is BELIEVE. In Mark 2:10-12, Jesus shows His authority & power to forgive sins by healing a man from paralysis. Should we turn to Jesus to heal us from our physical problems? Why/why not? Everyone answer the Deep Question: If you could ask Jesus to do anything in your life, what would you ask Him to do? 
  6. Pray for the person on your right. 


  1. Day 1 (Mark 2:1-12)
  2. Day 2 (Mark 2:13-17)
  3. Day 3 (Mark 2:18-28)

After each day answer the following questions:

(1) What shocked or surprised you from this Scripture?

(2) What don’t you understand from this Scripture?

(3) What would you tell someone else, is the main idea of this section?

(4) What does this Scripture teach you about God? What does it teach you about yourself?

(5) If the story is true, how will you live differently? 

*This idea is taken from Experience Scripture Devotional

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