Lombard Bible Church
DOWN TO EARTH: Shepherds
December 20, 2020

DOWN TO EARTH: Shepherds

December 20, 2020

Down To Earth: Shepherds

Advent Sermon Series

Lombard Bible Church

December 20, 2020




  1. Have you ever felt like an outcast? Like you didn’t fit in? Describe your experience. 
  2. In our Scripture today, we see God showing special favor to outcasts: the shepherds. Read Luke 2:1-20. What stuck out to you from the Scripture or the message this past Sunday? 
  3. Read Luke 2:6-7. The birth story of Jesus is short (like–really short), especially compared to how much time Luke spends talking about the shepherds the night of Jesus’ birth in Luke 2:8-20. Why do you think Luke spends so little time talking about how Jesus was born compared to the angelic message to the shepherds on Christmas night? 
  4. Read Luke 2:10. The angel says that news of Jesus’ birth will cause “great joy for all people.” Why should the news of Jesus be the cause of great joy for all people? 
  5. Can you think of a time you had “great joy” because of Jesus? Consider sharing your experience. 
  6. Read Luke 2:8-11. Why, of all the people God could have chosen to first hear the news that Jesus was born, why did God choose shepherds
  7. Shepherds were arguably one of the greater outcasts in Jesus’ day. Who are some of the outcasts in our community today? List them. How does God feel about these outcasts? 
  8. Considering what God wanted the angels to say to the shepherds in Luke 2:8-14, what might God want to say to the modern-day outcasts in our community? 
  9. What’s one thing you want to remember from this discussion?
  10. What’s one action step you want to take this week because of tonight’s discussion? 
  11. Pair up: ask “how can I pray for you?” Follow up question: “How can I pray for you really?”

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