Down To Earth: Elizabeth

December 13, 2020   /   Lombard Bible Church

Down to Earth

Advent Series

Lombard Bible Church

Profile of Elizabeth (Luke 5-7, 24-25, 39-45)


1. In Luke 1:5-7, describe and discuss two or three facts about the life of Elizabeth.

2. Read Luke 1:24-25 and answer the following questions:

     a. Why do you think that Elizabeth “kept herself in seclusion for five months”?

     b. Why did Elizabeth think that the Lord “looked with favor upon” her?

     c. Why did the Jewish community view Elizabeth with “disgrace”?

3. Consider Luke 1:39-45:

     a. Describe and explain what the baby (John the Baptist) did in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary came into    

     Zacharias’ home? See verses 41 and 44.

     b. What did God do in Elizabeth’s life during this episode at her home in the Judean 

     hills? See verses 41-42.

     c. What were the three statements that Elizabeth said to Mary her relative? See verses 42, 

     43, and 45. 

     d. What do these three Holy Spirit anointed sayings tell you about God?

4. In Luke 1, what is God saying to you through the life of Elizabeth?

5. How should you and/or Lombard Bible Church apply these lessons through the empowerment of God’s Spirit?

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