24/7 – God And Money

February 12, 2023   /   Lombard Bible Church

Sermon Series: 24/7 – The Sermon On The Mount

Message: God And Money

Lombard Bible Church

Feb 12, 2023

Matthew 6:24


Lombard Bible Church

Life Group Questions

1. Jesus’ teaching is clear: material possessions and their concomitant comfort and security are not to be a primary goal of life. A person’s life does not consist in the abundance of their possessions. If the purpose of life is not to move from birth to death as comfortable as possible, then what do you think is the significance of human life?

2. Jesus teaches that wealth and prosperity are inheritantly dangerous spiritually. Why do you think that this is so?


3. In contrast to what has been said so far:a. Private priority is legitimate (Matt. 5:42, 6:2-4, 25:14-30; Luke 6:30, 34-35,  19:12).b. Some of Jesus followers are rich (Matt. 2:1-12, 27:57-60; John 3:1, 19:39).c. Several parables feature businesspeople (Matt. 7:24-27, 25:14-30).

How does this reassurance to the rich correlate with the majority of Jesus’ teaching on money?

4. The following are some facts to consider: a. The West is rich.b. The church in the West is rich.c. Missionaries sent by the Western church are rich.d. Most of the peoples to whom Western missionaries are sent by their churches are poor.

How does what the Bible say about the rich and the poor have a direct bearing on the Western church in general and on the Western missionaries specifically?

5. How would you address the following accusation: while the Western church is quick to share that which it claims is most valuable—the good news—its members are sometimes less willing to share that which they claim is unimportant, their material possessions. Thus, this situation demonstrates the truth of Christ’s dictum, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Luke 12:34). Discuss.


6. How do you apply Jesus’ teaching on money to your life in DuPage County?

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