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The Young Canceling Church

February 21, 2021   /   Pastor Luke Jech   /   Laurelwood Baptist Church

Issue #1:


Older Generations – How open are you to having tough conversations? How do you handle someone having a different opinion than you during these conversations?

Younger Generations – How can you use your desire for deeper conversations to help our whole church grow in this area? Are you willing to be honest in your conversations with others who don’t agree with you? Have you asked the older generations why they believe what they believe?

Issue #2:


Older Generations – In what ways do you think you may have contributed to younger generations feeling like Laurelwood is a judgmental environment? How can you build relationships with younger people to help reconcile this division?

Younger Generations – How do you respond when you feel like you are being judged by someone older than you? Are you willing to engage in peace-making confrontation when you face this?

Issue #3:


Older Generations – Are you willing to help Laurelwood make changes if it helps younger generations to experience Jesus? What do you think the result would be if you were to encourage a younger person in making a change, even if it wasn’t your personal preference?

Younger Generations – How can you present your creativity in a non-confrontational way? How can you implement creativity and new ideas to old traditions?  

Issue #4:


Older Generations – How can you empower younger people to lead like Jesus did? What wisdom do you think you have to offer younger people around this topic? What are some best practices in communicating that wisdom?

Younger Generations – What are some valuable things that would come out of partnering with older people to help you in the causes you are passionate about? How can you respond to someone who doesn’t understand the cause you are passionate about?

Questions to Consider

  • Pick 1 or 2 of the issues shared today that your group is most interested in and talk through the questions that were given.  
  • What other reasons have you thought or heard of for the reasons that young people are leaving the church?  
  • Pray over the younger generations, that God would bring renewal and revival to these generations. 

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