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Critical Conversations for Critical Times
January 3, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
2 Timothy 3:

Critical Conversations for Critical Times

January 3, 2021 / 2 Timothy 3:

First, avoid the around you.

Second, follow those who are .

Stay true to God’s .

“You may not want to hear this, but raising safe, Christian kids is a spiritual disaster in the making. Your effort will produce shallow faith and wimpy believers. Kids raised in an environment
that stresses safety are on track to be Evangelical pushovers.

They will tend to end up either overly critical of the world system to the point where they won’t want anything to do with the people in the world system—an idea that comes directly from Satan’s playbook. Or, they will become naïve about the world system, which ultimately makes them putty in Satan’s hands. He chews up these kinds of people like they are spiritual McNuggets and swallows them whole.

When they are finally confronted with the full thrust of the world system as young adults, few know how to turn it into an opportunity for spiritual impact.”

~Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Based Parenting~

Read Through The Bible

The Bible Project

A printed plan is available at the church office or in the Fellowship Hall racks.

Questions To Consider

  1. What changes have you noticed in the culture that differ from what you remember growing up? Are they changes for the better or worse? Share an example.
  2. Read 2 Timothy 3:1-4. How does Paul describe the behaviors of people in “the last days”? Have you encountered some of these people? When? How?
  3. Read 2 Timothy 3:10-14. Notice the ways Paul uses himself as an example for Timothy to follow. What are some ways you can be that example for others?
  4. Read 2 Timothy 3:15-17. What are the blessings that God’s Word accomplishes in the life of those who commit themselves to embracing it? What are you currently doing to gain those blessings in your life?


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