Finding your way back home
October 18, 2020

Finding your way back home

October 18, 2020

Luke 15:11-24 

Series Big Idea: Our common longing for love, purpose, and meaning in life can only be fulfilled inside a relationship with God. Regardless of where you are on your journey, you can find your way back to God and awaken to living a life that matters!  

Word: Luke 15:11-16

Don’t we sometimes feel like life isn’t bringing us what we hoped for or what we wanted or even what we feel like we deserve? 

  • Things like your longing for a love that will truly last and a purpose for living and your need to make sense out of the hard things in life, all these longings come from God. 

In Jesus’s story was like so many of us—the son was convinced that he had to leave his father to find answers and fulfill his longings. 

So Jesus said, “…he set off for a distant country…” (Luke 15:13)

It simply tells us, The younger son…squandered his wealth in wild living.” (Luke 15:13)

 A famine struck the land, and he had no money or food. 

“So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. He longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything.” (Luke 15:15-16)

For a Jewish man to stoop to this level would mean that he had reached the very bottom of the barrel of life!

  • His longing for love wasn’t satisfied in relationships.
  • His longing for purpose wasn’t found in partying. 
  • His journey left him asking all kinds of “Why?”
    • “Why didn’t this turn out like I thought it would?”
    • “Why am I so lonely, broke, and empty?”
    • “Why did I end up in a place like this?”

Sound familiar? Feel familiar? 

The story of the lost son is each of our stories. 

And the reason Jesus told this story is to help each of us find our way home – back to God. 

So this brings us to life’s most important question. 

Where will you go to satisfy these God-given longings? 

Will that draw you too close to God or away from God?

 Think about your spiritual journey:

  • Time after time we’ve wandered away from our home.
  • Time after time we’ve forgotten God.
  • Time after time we’ve completely turned away from Him.

The first awakening is all about recognizing our longing for love, purpose, and meaning. 


Where will you go to fill these longings that each of us have?  These longings came from God, and they will either draw us to Him or they will push us away. Imagine though, if God fulfilled your longing for love, purpose and meaning? 

My prayer is that everyone one of us will let those longings lead us back to God.

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