Why I Overreact All the Time, and What Can I Do About It? {Part Two}
July 25, 2021

Why I Overreact All the Time, and What Can I Do About It? {Part Two}

July 25, 2021

Why I Overreact All the Time, and What Can I Do About It?  {Part Two}

1 Corinthians 13:5, “Love is not easily provoked.”    Not easily angered, or irritated, not moody, not knowing which person will show up at each meeting.


1.    Overreacting Is The Mark Of Spiritual

2.    Overreacting Leads To , , & (Public Quarreling)    Ephesians 4:29-31

3.    Overreacting Shows A Lack Of In God      1 Corinthians 10:10-12

4.    Remember When You Overreact You Are Not Living by Trusting God!      James 4:7-8

5.   An Overreactor Is An Led Person    Hebrews 13:15

6.   Overreacting Shows a Lack of Character    Proverbs 21:23-24

      I Do Not Please God When I Seek To Like A Christian; I Please God When I To Christ. 

7.   Seeking To Act Like A Christian Rather Than Yielding To Christ The Holy Spirit  Eph. 4:30


Responding to Irritations

Irritations spring from many sources: the people around you, the environment you live in, and the details of your personal life.

The things that aggravate you usually influence your attitudes and actions. If you positively respond to irritations, you can begin to resolve anger and worry, and you can grow in maturity.


  • Identify Irritations.        You can resolve some irritations.
  • It is beyond your to resolve all irritations. For example, people may have personality traits that annoy you, traffic issues might not get worked out, or a physical problem could affect the way you live. However, your responses to these issues are significant. God can use unavoidable irritations to increase your sensitivity to the needs of others, expand your opportunities, and develop your inward character.

If you react wrongly to irritations, you forfeit the they can provide. However, as you respond to them with insight and proper action, you welcome God’s work in your life, allowing Him to achieve His highest purpose for you—to make you like His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Respond to Irritations With . As you honestly address the situation before God, your irritations can become a builder of maturity. Choose the following responses when you are irritated.

1.   Thank God for the irritation.  If you have received  God’s gift of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, you can be confident that God is using everything—even your irritations—to accomplish His purposes in your life. (See Romans 8:28–30.)


2.    Identify possible causes.    Consider if you have contributed to the cause of the situation. Ask the following questions:

  • Did I cause this irritation by something I did or failed to do?
  • Does this irritation reflect a personal fault or lack of character development in my life?


3.   Determine ultimate objectives.    Ask God for insight into His purposes and plans. Ask the following questions:

  • Lord, what Character Qualities do You want to develop in my life?
  • Father, how do You want to use this irritation to help me Develop those qualities?

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