The Christian’s Crowns
August 8, 2021

The Christian’s Crowns

August 8, 2021


Revelation 22:12

In the New Testament, five crowns are mentioned. They are the rewards our Lord will bring with Him when He appears to rapture / remove the Church from this world.  These are not by any means the only rewards that will be distributed in Heaven. But above all, it is essential to remember that the Lord Himself is our chief reward. No Crown Could Ever Compare To The Splendor Of Seeing Our Lord And Savior Face To Face.

The true disciple is motivated to serve Jesus out of Love and Appreciation. One day every knee will bow before Him. One day we will cast our crowns before Him.

God is a Hebrews 11:6

When we believe God is a rewarder, it positively impacts how we live our lives and how we approach God.

God Rewards Believers Here and Now

God WillReward Faithful Believers in Heaven

Believers will receive a fair & just reward for serving Jesus, the motive and measure of our works. Jesus is going to hand out some very special rewards in Heaven! Do you know what those rewards will be? Will you receive any of those rewards?

First, you must understand that is a Gift, Not a Reward   John 3:16

Second, Not Every Christian Will a Crown    1 Corinthians 3:13-15

  What Crowns Could be Earned by YOU?

  1. A Crown for I Corinthians 9:24-27

Christians Have To The Price

The Christian does not run the race in order to get to Heaven. He is in the race because He has been saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

Paul Did Not Want To His Rewards

Paul said that he had one real fear: that is that having preached to others, he himself would become a castaway. At the Greek games, there was an Announcer who shared the rules of the contest, the names of the contestants, and the names of the cities of the winners. He would also announce the names of any contestants who were disqualified.


Only one runner could win the olive wreath crown in the Greek games. But every believer can win an incorruptible crown when he stands before the judgment seat of Christ. This Crown is given to those who discipline themselves for the sake of serving Christ and winning lost souls. They keep their bodies under control and keep their eyes on the goal.


  1. A Crown for , The Crown of Rejoicing, is often referred to as the” Soul Winner’s Crown.”

I Thessalonians 2: 19.     Philippians 4:1,    Psa. 126:6,   Matthew 4: 18, 19 

Will there be souls in Heaven because we were faithful in witnessing to them?

The Win Souls      Proverbs 11:30

Telling others about Jesus and the grace of God is the greatest thing that you can do for someone while here on this earth.

  1. A Crown for and to Jesus    James 1:12;    Revelation 2:10,

This is a reward reserved for those Christians who remain steadfast and unmovable to the end      (1 Cor. 15:58).

It is not limited to martyrs who were killed for their testimony for Christ, but rather it is for all Christians who remain faithful in spite of the trials of life.

A quitter like will lose the Crown of Life (2 Tim. 4:10). Don’t lose this Crown! It is given for continuing in service.

When you encounter temptation, trials, or persecution, be encouraged and persevere through them. Also, remember to pray for those being persecuted. Christians are persecuted — imprisoned, even killed — for their faith all around the world. According to Christians in Crisis, there are over 200 million people facing severe persecution for believing in Jesus, and 60% of those people are children. 

  1. A Crown for     I Peter 5: 1-4,

During the absence of the Chief Shepherd, we Christians are given the privilege of being under-shepherds to care for the flock of God. New babes in Christ need to be fed and led (1 Peter 1:23), but someone must feed and lead them.

Every Child Of God Should Demonstrate A Genuine And Sincere Interest In New Converts To Jesus Christ.  It will be given to those Christians who care for the sheep.


  1. A Crown for Those that Love the Return     II Timothy 4:6-8     This is ‘ ‘a crown of righteousness” which the Lord will give to all who lived daily in the anticipation and expectation of His coming again.

Every Believer is

Every believer has been made righteous through the work of Jesus on the cross (2 Cor. 5:21); however not every believer receives the Crown of Righteousness. If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, you have already been made the righteousness of God! Nothing you do can or will ever make you righteous, but now that you are righteous by the power and grace of God, He expects you to begin living righteously.

Now that You’re Righteous – a Righteous Life

The Crown of Righteousness is about living out your life . We all have our flaws, weaknesses, and certain temptations that we may struggle with. It is not perfection, but the direction that God is looking for. God expects each one of us to choose to do the right thing when faced with certain temptations or choices to do something bad. In fact, He gives us His grace, His ability, to help us live out the righteous life.

The Crown of Righteousness awaits or is laid up for those who live a righteous life with the anticipation of His appearing. (2Timothy 2:22). So, go ahead and pursue righteousness. For all those who do there is laid up a Crown of Righteousness for them.

This Crown is to Every Believer

At first, this Crown may appear to be for only shepherds (Pastors), but this Crown is for every person who faithfully cares for those entrusted to them. This is why the Crown of glory is also known as the Crown of Service.

Some final thoughts about these eternal rewards – 5 CROWNS. When all is said and done we will be even more grateful for God’s mercy and grace in our lives, knowing every good thing we’ve done is all because of the presence of Jesus in our life.

We Will Cast All Our Crowns At The Feet Of Jesus In Love And Worship To Him. (Rev. 4:10-11)


  1. the Misconceptions About Rewards. We are not saved by good works good works.
  2. That the Lord Is Your Reward No matter what we may receive in Heaven, the Lord Himself remains our greatest reward.
  3. Doing Work Outwardly for a Reward. Don’t serve the Lord just for the purpose of receiving a reward. Serve Him Because You Love Him.
  4. Upon the Ultimate Goal of Rewards One day we will give our crowns to the Lord Jesus as offerings of worship and Praise. And we won’t want to be empty-handed!

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