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Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 6
December 13, 2020

Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 6

December 13, 2020

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THE G.O.A.T. – Part 6


Heb. 10:1-14 (NKJV)

    gle sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God,  waiting from that time until his enemies should be made a footstool for his feet. For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.

Heb. 10:19

  • Oikas – This was the gathering place of Gods people in the OT
    • Modeled to the Christian church of the NT
    • This is talking about us… the church… the congregation of God

1 Cor 15:17

  • Clever way to say the OPPOSITE is true as well
    • Since Christ IS risen
      • Your faith is functional
      • Your Sin is gone… somebody say AMEN


Story – Last week was about organized people

Have you ever heard of term “Hoarders”

  • It’s a relatively new term – We used to call them sentimental
    • But now that we a category 4 everyone…
    • Proper term wanting keep old stuff – Hoarder
      • And it means you need therapy
  • Well… I’m not going to therapy
    • I’m a recovering sentimental person
    • Enjoy keeping my childhood stuffed animals in the garage
      • Wife made me throw away most of them
      • But not my first teddy bear
      • That’s where I drew the line

I happened to marry an anti-hoarder

  • My wife has compulsions to throw things away
    • She actually receives joy from it
    • I think she sees it as part of her God given calling
    • Throw things away that I’ve had for years
  • Anyone else have clothes from when dating wife
    • And sometimes you can just feel something is missing
      • I don’t know what it is
      • All I know is that I miss it

One time stuff went missing and I could tell…

  • Michelle likes to take things to good will
    • Double good feelings taking it to good will
      • Throws it all in garbage bags
      • Sticks it in the garage
  • I find the bags, open them up
    • There’s my favorite shirt
    • I forgot this was my favorite shirt
      • But there it is

It’s like I can just feel when she’s plotting

  • And in her anti-hoarder ministry…
    • She gets all sneaky about it
    • Just waiting for her moment to strike
  • But the Hoarder is sneakier
    • Because I know when she is on a throw away kick
      • I just go get it
        • Put it back when it belongs
        • And then it shows up – And I wear it proud
        • This is the way

TAG: If u think I’m mean that I talk about my wife

  • In my defense… in this metaphor: Michelle represents God
    • I represent the dysfunctional believer
    • So calm down – Its gonna be okay

But as Xians: When God comes to clean ur closet

Sometimes in our humanness: We want to dig up old sins

  • We want to put them on… try them out again
    • As if they still fit…
    • As if they still look good on me
    • As if they are my good to outfit
  • Question: Who here believe Jesus rose from dead

1 Cor. 15:17

So if we BELIEVE He is risen (KNOW he is risen)

  • Then ur sins and their relevancy… hinge on the answer u gave
    • If JESUS rose – then your sins didn’t
    • If he didn’t rise – then your sins got back up
  • But we know: Jesus rose from grave so my sins will stay buried
    • As Xian: Though you still sin
    • As Xian: You are not still in your sin
  • Therefore your SINS do not DEFINE you… STICK to you or FIT you
    • Because YOU are a new creation
    • By definition: I’m no longer a sinner
      • I’m a child of the king… I am righteous… I am perfect
      • Though I still sin – can’t change what my savior finished

TAG: Truth is Xians think Sin has resurrection power

We think sin can bring to life what Jesus put to death

We start to believe another sacrifice is needed

  • So there must be something better than Jesus
    • This is how people buy into the idea: Jesus is not enough
      • And it leads down a road perpetually preoccupied w/ sin
      • Where sin becomes the theme of your life
  • Ever notice people who don’t know Jesus
    • Sometimes seem to be far happier than people who do
      • They know down deep something is wrong
      • But they are just living it up
    • Meanwhile Xians – Now know sin is wrong (supposed to be free)
      • But all we feel is torment by how bad we are
        • We still sin – Just feel terrible about it now
        • B/C we want to do it – Not supposed to do it
      • Walk around all depressed from sin
        • Someone asks you what the problem is
          • “I’m a Christian”… Oh…
            • Sorry about that – I’m not so “Whoo Hoo”!
            • Lets party!!!

      Probably why Proverbs says stop envying sinners

      Prov 23:17

      • But instead we promote obsessing over sin
        • And our consciousness is consumed with
          • Sin… resisting sin… indulging in sin… stopping sin
          • It’s all about sin

      TAG: Taking all this into account – Back to Heb. 10

      Heb. 10:1-2

      • Sin was the theme of the OT people of God

      Writer says: Can u imagine life if sin was one & done

      • Imagine not having sacrifice animals every year
        • If they didn’t have to continually focus on sin
          • If just one sacrifice would have been enough
          • If only that wonderful sacrifice actually existed
            • Wouldn’t that just be so great
      • Oh – Wait a minute: Such a sacrifice does exist
        • See how the author is tricking you
          • Taking us back to day wishing for better way
          • No more watching a heifer bleed out
          • Remembering how old it got year in & out

      Heb. 10:3


      [Context] – Every year there was Day of Atonement

      Priests would find perfect lamb… All the Jews would come to be a part

      • They would place all the sins from last year on this lamb
        • Which was a type and shadow of things to come
        • Priest would kill the perfect lamb
          • Which was a symbol that their sins were dead
          • And that was good enough to last for a year
      • Then they were encouraged if they sinned through year
        • Bring another animal to kill as well
        • Make sure they were still good
      • This was life of a Hebrew (Jew) before Jesus
        • Priests continually busy killing animal after animal

      TAG: But the problem shows itself in Verse 4

      Heb. 10:4

      Every time Jews approached priest/gathered

      • The topic was always SIN
        • You sinned > Kill an animal > See ya soon
        • There was a constant reminded “you are sinners”
        • This was theme under the law
      • But there are Christians… under the new system
        • They still want the theme of gatherings to be sin
        • They are still wanting to obsess over what they do
      • BUT CONCIOUSNESS OF SIN grants no power to resist sin
        • If it did – Jews would have found true holiness
        • But they never did… things only got worse

      At least in OT: Sacrificial lamb kept you feeling good for a year

      • Today we have a new, better covenant…
        • But Christians think blood of Jesus
        • Good enough to cover us maybe until Sunday
      • So the blood of a lamb can cover you 12 months… blood of Jesus?
        • Only cover you until next time you sin
        • This is crazy theology
          • Didn’t Jesus say “It is finished?!?!”

      TAG: Really gonna say bull more powerful than Jesus

      Now our theme isn’t sin – It’s our Savior

      Theme of our world is no longer sin … our focus HAS to be Jesus

      • He is the focus of our worship
        • The content of our conversations
        • The involvement of our lives
        • The meditations of our hearts
      • Our focus can never again be sin: It has to be our Savior
        • B/C it’s the only place we find power to be free
        • And it is the only place where life can grow and flourish

      Heb. 10:10-11

      • Notice position is standing
        • Why standing – Because they’re busy
        • Killing animals lined up for days
          • If you loved animals – Don’t be a priest

      TAG: So u now have the pic – Now paint greatest pic

      Heb. 10:12

      This man is a better… EVERYTHING

      He is a better priest… with better promises… who made a better way

      • No what is the position that THIS priests takes

      [Illustrate sitting]

      • This is how I sit after completing a task… finishing a job
        • Want u to see position of enthroned champ Jesus

        You know what Jesus looks like when you sin… same position

        • You think based of way we conduct our lives
          • Jesus jumps up appalled
          • Call a conference meeting… bring in the trinity
        • Okay lets start all over… find me a baby body
          • Just scrap it all and start again
          • That sin is just too much
          • I didn’t plan on covering that type of stuff

        We’re on Earth convinced all heaven up in arms

        • Standing and pacing… calling emergency meetings
          • We are down here convinced we ruined everything
          • “Sorry God, I know I threw your plan off”
        • “But don’t worry Jesus… I’ll find a way to make this right”
          • I’ll sacrifice whatever it takes – I’ll fix this
        • Meanwhile Jesus is going… “What?”
          • Hey thanks… but up here – we’re good
          • I sorta saw this one coming… did some preemptive planning

        News flash: Jesus is still seated

        And next time He gets up… its for 1 REASON AND 1 REASON ONLY!!!!

        • And he will stand up only when he is ready to come back
          • If he stands before then – We are in trouble
            • All bets are off
            • But as long as He is seated

        Eph. 2:4-6

        So Jesus made (past tense) us alive together w/ Him

        • Then tells us to sit down
          • Ever had someone tell u to sit when don’t want to
            • Sit down
            • No I’m good – I’ll stand
            • No really sit down
        • Says He MADE US SIT
          • Why? Because our flesh doesn’t want to
            • We want to stand
            • We want to figure it out
              • Jesus I’ll sit in a bit
              • Just let me make some plans
              • I’ll be right back
        • It is impossible to please God w/o sitting
          • Because impossible to please God w/o Faith
          • Just sit down

        Heb. 10:4

        • Which is creative way to say to us today
          • Because we don’t kill our pets anymore (Maybe cats)
        • Creative way to say: Your standing, running and striving
          • Can never conquer sin – Please God
          • Only sinless enthroned champion Jesus can do it

        Heb. 10:19-22

        How do we find the confidence to sit

        • It’s ONLY through the full assurance of faith
          • Remember: Faith is not the point
          • Faith is a means to a man
            • And that man’s name is JESUS
        • If faith becomes about faith – Boarders on humanism
          • Don’t believe in the Power of the Human Spirit
          • We believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit
        • B/C I do all things through Christ who strengthens me
          • Not by my works
          • Not by my hands
          • Not by my do goodism
            • It’s only through HIM

        And we shall Sit with our God – Full of Faith in Him



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