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Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 5
December 6, 2020

Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 5

December 6, 2020

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THE G.O.A.T. – Part 5

(Jesus is a better Promise)

Welcome To Jesus Church… Here and Online


Good morning… Great to see everyone this morning

  • So excited to jump back into God’s Word with all of you
    • Middle of a series showing how God is greatest of all time
    • It is so easy to convince ourselves that our fear is greater
    • But we need to keep everything in perspective… Jesus is greater

Heb. 8:1-13 (NKJV)

Heb. 9:11-15 (NKJV)

Heb. 9:24-28 (NKJV)

  • Speak again on Jesus being the Greatest of all time
    • He is the greatest priest
    • He establishes a greater covenant
      • On greater promises
  • Whatever way you are going about life
    • Jesus is greater


Story – How many here are in to being organized

From all us who are less organized: Thank You

  • Without you who knows where this world would be
    • Michelle raised her hand (Right)
      • Without Michelle my house would be: Chaos
      • My wife loves order: Everything has its place
  • There are some people who find joy in organizing
    • Truth is we all like things being organized
    • I know I like things to be organized
      • I just don’t like organizing them

As humans we are all given to systems and order

  • For instance: The American garage is an interesting study
    • And husbands faces across room just dropped
    • Not followed thru w/ requests (demands) of wife
      • To finally organize and clean the garage
  • Wife & I had this conversation (multiple times)
    • She won – Obviously
    • So now I have what I call: Organized piles

We all like systems – For things to be in their place

  • If you look for a second at the structure of society
    • Quickly apparent: We are systematic beings
      • We like systems
      • We like procedures
  • Just look at the freeways and highways
    • And lines at the supermarket
    • The way we set our calendars
      • We need Systems and Order

And the truth is that systems aren’t really wrong

But when it comes to our relationship with God

  • Systems/Procedures can distract us from person
    • Simply b/c we are drawn to a system… we like cause & effect
      • We can understand that
      • We can test it
      • We can control it
  • Nothing new: Procedures can take place of God
    • This is the essence of religion
      • We miss God in all of our systems
      • We miss God in all of our check lists

Easy to make these systems which aren’t bad

  • They become so smooth and like clockwork
    • Example: We base a “Good” church service on
      • If they played the songs we like
      • If the prayer time was passionate enough
      • If I made you laugh at least 3 times
  • I wonder if sometimes we base experience on
    • The function of the system
    • Instead of the function of the savior
      • Where it should be did I hear/connnect with God today
        • It is replaced by did we sing my favorite song
        • Was so and so nice to me
        • Was the sermon too long

And yes… singing/prayer/service should make you feel good

  • Okay that you like songs
    • It’s okay to like a feeling or emotion
    • God made emotion
  • But we must understand and be cognoscente of the fact
    • As Humans tend to fall in love w/ procedure (instituted by God)
      • But we miss the one who instituted them
        • The point isn’t good feelings
        • The point is God

These Jews probably feel like we do when…

Someone cancels our prayer meeting

  • Because they are missing the system (We think ancient Jews crazy)
    • We don’t understand why they’re having problems
  • I think Jews just missing their prayer meetings (missing old system)
    • They grew up going w/ mom and dad to the temple to sacrifice
    • They probably miss the incense… crowd… rituals
    • The confession and rules/regulations
      • That all probably is not only familiar… but comfortable
  • All because in Jesus they have rejected…
    • Everything they grew up doing and needing

Heb. 8:1 – Here’s main point (Keep ur eye on the ball)

Now how relevant is this today…

  • And you might not think its relevant at all
    • And it’s true that we aren’t killing baby goats and sheep
    • And we don’t long to confess again to a priest
  • But the same human condition exists today
    • Reason we like Systems
    • Reason we like Proceedure
    • Gives grand illusion: Control

It gives us the greatest illusion in human history… CONTROL

  • And that holds up until disaster strikes… and then falls apart
    • When your stuck in a hospital bed
    • When your stranded on the side of the road
    • When your Fired from that job
  • In those moments its one of two things
    • It’s angry at God b/c of all my rituals didn’t prevent this (or)
    • It’s fulling relying on God b/c I know they can’t fix this
      • But then its right back to illusion…
  • It’s Jesus took the wheel – And now I’ll take it back
    • Because Jesus is my co-pilot
    • Which is a pretty messed up bumper sticker if u think about it
      • Just sit there Jesus
      • I’ll bring you to where you need to be

TAG: See how much we want control? That’s religion

Heb. 8:6 (Rebuttal)

Old covenant/promises with God – You had to bat .1000

  • If you got all 10 commandments right everyday
    • You could received the blessing
  • If you missed just one of the 10 – batting .900
    • Not only out… not only sent to the minor league
      • You are literally now under a curse
  • These are promises of Old Covenant

Why would you want to work under those terms???

  • Is it that worth it to feel condemned constantly
    • Just so you have something to do w/ your hands
    • Better Terms
    • Of a Better way of relating to God
    • And with Better promises
  • Writer… don’t take it from me – What did ur prophet Jerimiah say

Heb. 8:8-10

  • Because the Terms of Old Covenant were always external
    • Which is not what God wanted
      • God always wanted to lead us by our hearts
    • He only led by hand b/c stubbornness of their hearts

Notice God’s promise starts with an “I WILL”

  • Remember Old Covenant – YOU SHALL
    • Nature of New Covenant – I WILL
  • God is saying: Obviously you can’t do this
    • You can’t keep up with these terms
      • You never have… you never will
    • So I will set the terms… I’ll uphold the terms
      • You just need to accept them

Heb 8:11

3 better promises Jesus give us here

First Promise: I will write my law in their minds/on their heart

  • To us that seems like a cool concept
    • To Jews – this is a crazy suggestion
    • You’re familiar with Ex. 24: Moses reads law

Ex. 24:7

Old way didn’t fail b/c the people didn’t wanna do it

  • People are incapable of doing what they wanted to do
    • Because thats the human condition
    • What we wanna do – We don’t do
      • What we don’t wanna do – We end up doing
  • Problem is with nature of humanity
    • We need a new way to be human… we need a new nature
      • Not more education/information/dedication
        • It’s not a matter of ur perspective/thinking
        • It’s a matter of our messed up nature
  • We think we can be a positive people… just suppress anger & rage
    • But eventually it’s going to come out
    • And it might be when you are in a traffic jam

What we need is a change of heart – Not a change of hands

  • This is EXACTLY what Jeremiah talking about
    • God wants to give us new nature
    • He wants to change the way we think
    • And He wants to change core of who you are
      • Def of Heart – Center of your being
  • God literally wants to do heart surgery on you…
    • But Jesus is the insurance policy covering it
    • And it won’t even add to national debt
  • Jews are like… ok – that’s cool and all but…
    • I’d rather have a rock – with words on it
    • I want to frame it and put it on the wall
      • So I can see what I continually fail to do
      • That sounds like a better plan to me

Rom. 8:3

Promise 1 – God knows you can’t do it – But He’ll do it for you

Second Promise: They will all know me

  • Again this seems great & normal to us
    • Jews understand historically relationship w/ God
  • The people who KNEW God were rare
    • Most didn’t have access to God like we do today
      • They were people like: Moses… Abraham… Isaiah… David
  • Everyone else knew of God
    • Knew those who knew Him
    • But they didn’t know Him

God says you are all gonna know me

  • U know all the stories about Moses… those are gonna be ur stories
    • Jews would think “there’s no way”
    • Like Kyler Murry talking to all in Phoenix
      • Saying – You’re gonna play like I play
      • No one would believe that
  • Jews couldn’t believe they could be like Moses
    • And in some ways… relationship even better than Moses
    • B/C You don’t get His back – You get His face

Promise 2: God wants us to all know Him

Third Promise: I will remember lawless deeds/sins no more

Heb. 8:12

  • Hebrew language so emphatic here
    • I will never, never, ever,ever remember your sins again
  • Now if the first 2 were hard – This would seem impossible
    • Hebrew thought associated with Remembrance
      • When you remembered someone… association was either
        • Remember them by a GOOD DEED – GOOD BACK
        • Remember them by a BAD DEED – RETRUBUTION
  • Example: When God would say in the OT “I have remembered”
    • All Israel would trembled in fear
      • Oh know what did He remembered
      • We’re all gonna die

And hearing that… it’s easy to think God must be mean/cruel/vengeful

  • But he had to remember their sin – I mean… He is God
    • And His Judgment came based off contrast between
      • God’s Holiness… and our sinfulness
  • Why – Because sin was there to remember… SO he had to act
    • Or God would be unholy
    • This happens any time God remembers sin
  • Reason for Judgment at end of the age
    • B/C there are those who haven’t given their sin to Jesus
      • Jesus who can remove their sin
      • Making it so God can’t remember sin b/c its been removed
    • At end of time – Those who haven’t accepted Jesus
      • God can still remember their sin
      • And b/c He remembers their Sin… he has to judge it

God says: I will Remember your sins no more

  • If God can’t remember your sins… Why would be condemn you
    • B/C in the same way God’s Holiness brings condemnation
      • If he condemned you w/o remembrance
      • It would cause Him to be unholy
  • This is a new BETTER promise from God

NOW LISTEN – If God can’t remember your sins…

That means that God won’t find you guilty… “He who the Son sets free”

  • Look how free u are when you accept BETTER terms
    • You trust in His son… who removes your sins
    • They are no longer there… so nothing to remember
      • Which means that You are righteous/forgiven
  • And I believe the greatest challenge to the Church today
    • Is living in the reality of this freedom
    • And the reason is b/c of our conscious
      • Hard part is God remembers no more… but you do
  • And the enemy knows that – Will absolutely us it against you

Here’s the good news: Who is the greater – You or God

  • If you couldn’t remember sins but God could
    • Wouldn’t really matter… in fact it’d probably be worse
    • Because you wouldn’t ever feel the need to change
  • But for us – If God remembers your sins no longer… but you can
    • This is where condemnation takes hold of our conscious
    • B/C your conscious is paralyzed and condemned
      • Not by God… but by yourself
  • And its the way the enemy works to not convict u… condemn you
    • And Hebrews says: It’s all smoke and mirrors
    • It’s all a lie

Heb. 9:9

Please understand: You can never set your conscience free on your own

  • You can find momentary relief
    • Working with your hands / Relying on yourself
    • When you’re at church / With your priest
    • When you’re doing everything right
  • In these moments… your conscience can feel some relief
    • But it’s never truly free

Hebrews is saying there is no power in your hands for lasting freedom

  • Because you good deeds can’t set you free
    • Only Jesus can set you free

Rom. 8:1

  • That’s the end of the thought in original text
    • Period – End of discussion
  • Why do we need that verse
    • It’s because we can remember sins… God can’t
  • And condemnation comes in to lie to us
    • Def of Condemnation: An adverse verdict or sentence
    • Your sins will tell you… they are greater than your savior
    • They will hold authority over ur freedom as long as u let them

Heb. 9:28

(Might as well start living here like we’ll live there)

Heb. 9:14

U can always tell someone w/ an oppressed conscience

  • They are busy doing work… like a hamster on a wheel
    • And they get nowhere fast
  • And they obsess over things that have no power
    • No way of getting them where they want to go
    • When you realize what Jesus has done
      • Conscience is free
      • Now we just worship God



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