Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 4

November 29, 2020   /   Jesus Church

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THE G.O.A.T. – Part 4

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  • In a series focusing on Jesus
    • Going through the letter of Hebrews on the case made
    • That Jesus is the Greatest of all Time

Last week – Views and ideas about Xian Maturity

  • If you want to grow in your faith/ become more founded
    • It comes not thru proving yourself/works/good enough
      • It comes through completely relying on Jesus
        • Hoping in Jesus
        • Trusting in Jesus
        • Believing in Jesus
    • And as the heart is changed – Our behavior will follow

Heb 6:1-2 NKJV

TAG: That wraps up last weeks appeal… case closed – on to verse 9

Now Hebrews 6/7 focuses on Jesus as the great priest

They are going to spend significant time setting this all up

  • And they land on a priest (not well known) called Melchizedek
    • In fact his story is only 3 verses long in Genesis
    • But its a story of great significance in relation to Jesus
    • And how Jesus relates to us

Heb 6:19-20 TPT

Heb 7:1-3 TPT

Skip to v.11 – Starts talking about the priests of Israel… Jesus is better

  • God’s people divided into 12 tribes
    • Law said all Priests had to come from one tribe
    • Tribe of the Priests – Levites (Sons of Aaron)
  • Jesus didn’t come from the line of the Levites
    • He was a descendant of Judah
    • It would be hard to see Jesus as a priest… from tribe of Judah
  • Priests made sacrifices for Israel’s sins so they wouldn’t be guilty
    • Idea that Jesus was a better priests was as hard to understand
    • Because Jesus didn’t even qualify to be a priest
    • So lets just stick to our deeds and sacrifices for assurance

Heb 7:11-12 TPT

Heb 7:13-21 TPT

Heb 7:22-26 TPT


Story – I am not a fan of math – Anyone else

  • I just really do not enjoy math
    • Me and math don’t get along
    • Sorta like me and cats – No thanks… I’m good
  • People say your either good at: Algebra or Geometry
    • Guess which one I went with – Neither
  • And it wasn’t even so much that I didn’t understand it…
    • Concepts… equations… theorems
    • …well maybe a little bit

There were 3 awful words made me hate math: “Show your work”

  • Since when is right answer not good enough – You take a test…
    • Show your work… I don’t want to
    • Show your work – It’s a waste of paper
    • Show your work – It’s all in my head (or my calculator)
  • Had super smart friends: Could do it all in head
    • They would turn in test – Have to show work too
    • They would argue – Why?
      • To prove you know how the equations work
      • They would say: But you know I get it
    • Teacher knew they knew what they knew
      • If Aaron has to show his work – so do you
  • Its ironic: Having the answer – Have to go back
    • Show how they got to your conclusion
    • Because it ends up feeling like busy work

These Christians find themselves in similar position

Because they have the only answer they need: Jesus

  • But on receiving this letter… busy trying to show their work
    • How their deeds make them acceptable to Jesus
    • How their works brought them to where they were
  • Writer is saying: Stop obsessing over how u got to answer
    • Please just make the answer your priority
      • Stop focusing on the steps… focus on the savior
      • Who guides your steps

TAG: This is the essence of all of Hebrews

Ch. 6/7 revolve around Priest Mel

First brought up Ch. 5:10 – Writer talks of “Mel”

  • Jews know a little about this guy from Genesis
    • No one knew exactly who this guy was… b/c he shows up with
      • No Background
      • No Genealogy
      • No Explanation
  • Blesses the father of all Jews – Abraham
    • Abraham tithes to him
    • 3 verses later he just disappears

Jew think Melchizedek is: Interesting… but sorta inconsequential

  • Only there for 3 verses & gone… mysterious but not a main player
    • But in the most doctrinal book of the Bible: Mel is central
    • And that would have intrigued the Jews
      • Because they knew of him… but not much about him

In chapter 5 – Writer wants to explain Mel’s role

  • Heb. 5:11 – People had become hard of hearing
    • They’ve become skeptical
    • They’ve become apprehensive
      • Writer saying He wants to explain Mel to them
        • Doesn’t think they are ready
  • Introduces metaphor of Milk and Solid Food
    • Food: Grace – Being skilled in righteousness
    • Milk: Works – Unskilled in righteousness
  • Remember: Originally no chapter/verse – 1 letter (should be read)

TAG: This thought continues in Ch. 6:1

Heb. 6:1-3 NKJV

Saying this doesn’t need to be debated any longer

  • There is no question on how you were saved
    • You didn’t prove yourself worthy of salvation
    • You relied on Jesus who is worthy… conversation over
  • And let us go (walk) on to perfection (completeness/maturity)
    • And lets just point out:
      • Grace always allows u to move forward (brings maturity)
      • Works forces you to stand still (keeps u immature)
  • Remember the verse “Coming boldly to throne of grace”
    • Going on to maturity allows us to be bold
    • And it allows us to be confident!!!

Tag: Lets jump forward a bit

Heb 6:19-20 TPT

Again these people struggle b/w trusting Jesus or Self

Hebrews says: The job of the OT priest was to lead people 2 the law

  • But now there is a new priest… a high priest: JESUS
    • So this is introducing a brand new priesthood
    • Here is the mindset of how Jews related to the law

Duet. 11:26 NKJV – Here is the nature of the law

Its really that simple… Cause and Effect

  • Because the point of the law wasn’t to get you to God…
    • It was to keep u with God
  • Job of priests as keepers of the law
    • Try to manage people and maintain them w/ God
    • When they obeying the law – With God
    • When they break even 1 rule – Away from God
  • Priests constantly dealing with all these people
    • Coming to God and Going from God (x3)
      • Coming – You’re good: Sacrificed a bull
      • Then going… okay not so good, lets try again
  • Coming and going – and it never ends

And really… that’s how a lot of people still do it today!

  • We come to church – Like I’m an OT priest with a bull in the back
    • Okay I’m back with God
    • Saturday rolls around… nope not so much!
  • This is how religion works: Coming and Going (x2)
    • No one wants to live this way
  • Lots of people throw up hands: Done w/ religion
    • Guess what?!? So am I!

But this is the essence of the law

  • So it makes sense that Hebrews begs: Don’t go back to that chaos
    • Why? We have a new priest
    • And he is just like Melkezedek

TAG: Jews are like… mysterious Mel??? – KEYS UP

Brings us to Heb 7:1 (High Priest order of Mel)

Ch. 7 revolves around Mel – not about Mel but how he brings us 2 Jesus

Heb 7:1 TPT

Heb 7:2-3 TPT

Heb 7:7 TPT

  • Do u know what that said to the Jews… Mel is great than Abraham
    • What?! Abraham is our guy… He’s the focal point of our story
    • You’re gonna tell me some extra from OT movie is better???
    • Melkezedek is better that Abraham… yes he is better

Heb. 7:11-12 TPT

  • Saying if perfection was accomplished by going/coming
    • Stay right there…
    • No stop, it’s only Tuesday and you sinned that much already?!
      • Wow – What an exhausting job
      • Busy managing: Blessing/cursing (if perfection was key)

Heb. 7:13-15 TPT

Yet the One these things all point to, was from a different tribe and no one from that tribe ever officiated at God’s altar, for we all know that our Lord didn’t descend from the tribe of Levi, but shined from the tribe of Judah. And Moses himself never said anything of a priest in connection with Judah’s tribe.

And all this is made even clearer if there was another King-Priest raised up with the rank of Melchizedek. This King-Priest did not arise because of a genealogical right under the law to be a priest, but by the power of an indestructible, resurrection life!

  • This priest is nothing like the old priests… there’s a new priest
    • Writer hoping: Jews putting pieces together
    • Everything they knew from Gen is starting to making sense

TAG: Lets go back to the actual story in Gen 14… connect the dots

Abram – Not Abraham yet – Not even in destiny yet

Just defeated some kings… and here comes Mel out of nowhere

Gen. 14:18 NKJV

  • What is he carrying with him: Bread & Wine (Royal Feast)
    • Who is he: Priest of God Most High
    • Oh that’s all…
  • He is King & Priest and WHAT DOES HE BRING???
    • Bread & Wine

[Picture this]

Walking towards Abram (What’s 1st thing out of mouth)

Gen. 14:19 NKJV

  • Says this while he holds the Bread & Wine
    • Comes out of nowhere
    • King of nowhere
    • Priest in the line of no one
  • Looks at Abram is speaks a word “BLESSED”
    • Abram NOT EVEN Abraham yet
    • Abram isn’t perfect… still working it out
  • And the High priests blesses him not after perfection
    • While he is working out perfection
    • Please don’t stay away from church b/c ur guilty
      • God wants to bless you in your journey
      • Not just after your journey

And the High Priest didn’t check resume/pedigree/naught & nice list

  • All he does is bring w/ him the Bread & Wine
    • Which Jesus held as well before he went to cross
      • He said bread – Broken Body
      • He said wine – Spilt Blood

It shows the way Mel related to Abram: SAME WAY Jesus relates to You

  • Jesus is the permanent (eternal) high priest
    • There will be no more coming… no more going
      • Now you are firm, fixed, righteous, accepted
      • You are blessed!!!!!

Gal. 3:10-12 NKJV

Gal. 3:13 NKJV

  • Through the bread : Broken Body
  • Through the wine : Spilt Blood

Gen. 3:14 NKJV

  • If Jesus continues to be your high priest forever
    • You will remain righteous before God forever
  • If Jesus isn’t your high priest
    • You cease to be right with God
    • You cease to be blessed

You want to know why you are blessed

  • Because Jesus holds the bread & wine
    • He walks to u w/ gift of salvation through sacrifice… it’s for you
      • The bread – Body broken for you
      • The wine – Blood spilt to cleans ur sins
  • Because Jesus is enough for you


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