Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 3

November 22, 2020   /   Jesus Church

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THE G.O.A.T. – Part 3

Welcome To Jesus Church… Here and Online

If you’re new… in a series about Jesus

  • And you’ll find out very quickly that every sermon is about Jesus
    • B/C He is everything we need
  • This series is about Jesus being the Greatest of all Time
    • In the Bible… the book of Hebrews focuses in on this argument
    • Takes different things that elevate themselves above Jesus
    • Proves to us why Jesus is hands down the greatest
  • Last week we talked about… Really Jesus is greater than you are
    • Meaning that if ur “go to” is trust & rely on yourself
    • You are saying you are greater than Jesus
    • For who you trust in is who you see as the greatest

This week turn with me to Hebrews 4… pick up in verse 14

Heb 4:14-16

Heb 5:1-11

Heb 5:12-14

So that’s our scripture for today – PRAY

Story – Have u ever been accused of being immature

Like when you are somewhere… can’t stop laughing

  • It’s like you are super embarrassed
    • But there’s nothing you can do about it
    • And trying to stop laughing becomes funniest thing ever
  • Years back I was a youth pastor in Colorado Springs
    • I also started a business… and we had to build out our space
      • One of the last things we had to do was paint
      • Had a friends dad who said he would paint for us
      • They had to paint the ceiling black
  • We were excited to see what it looked like…
    • Decided to go into this enclosed box of a retail space
    • That was full of paint fumes… fire resistant paint as well

We also had talked to an outside sales guy about joining our team

  • Thought he would be super impressed with our location
    • Invited him to come see the building that night with us
    • I got there first… business partner got there 10 minutes later
    • About 15 minutes after that this prospective sales guy comes
  • What I didn’t realize was how many paint fumes I was breathing in
    • Just to lay this down… I have never been high in my life
    • I’ve never even gotten a buzz from a cigarette
  • That night I kill more brain cells than a kid sniffing rubber cement
    • And I was uncontrollably laughing
    • Like ugly laughing… cry laughing… roll on the ground laughing

With good reason we never heard back from the outside sales guy

  • But I’m sure he thought I was most immature person on the planet
    • And honestly I don’t blame him… it was that bad!
    • I was acting like a 12 year old that just TP’d teachers house
  • And all we can say in those times is… wow that’s mature
    • UR acting like a real adult there – Aren’t ya

Maturity interesting subject… Especially in the Church

Because the way we define who/what is mature

  • Sometimes it gets a bit silly… we measure maturity based on…
    • How many ministries u take part in/Bible verses memorized
    • Who lifts there hands highest in worship/Nicest clothes
      • In fact u might think I’m immature for having holey jeans
      • And I think they’re just more Godly
  • Best one: Maturity set by how many verses highlighted in ur Bible
    • If you’re new to the whole church thing
    • Get a Bible and highlight it
      • Even if you don’t read it… and use colors
      • It will impress anyone you sit next to
  • Most prevalent mark of Xian maturity: Gotta be Bible Knowledge
    • Those who can repeat 66 books of Bible… to a jingle even
    • Those who know the 12 tribes/12 disciples/10 commandments

TAG: Human nature to define maturity: Behavior/Discipline/Exterior

But how God defines maturity different than us

Hebrews 5 gives an allegory to explain spiritual maturity vs immaturity

  • If you’ve been in church very long… you’ve heard the term “MILK”
    • Milk = Immaturity
    • Sold food (meat) = Maturity
  • And I want to talk on this passage b/c its somewhat misunderstood

But before we get there: Lets refresh again on framework & context

  • Remember: Letter written to Jews who…
    • Used to relate to God based on 10 rules
    • Now they’ve accepted Jesus – putting their faith totally in Him
      • But having hard time staying there
      • B/C they want to be good enough on their own
  • And we have to keep this context continually in our understanding
    • B/C this book is for us… applies to us
    • But originally it was written to people… in their situation
      • Struggling with this idea of grace/freedom
  • Remembering this: Because it helps us understand
    • The point and what God is saying to them & us

Heb. 4:14-15

Which just means… ya we have best guy in our corner

  • Jesus is: God/All Powerful/All Knowing/Supreme
    • But Jesus also is: Not distant/Actively involved/Empathetic
    • For He is fully God and fully Man
  • Jesus (God) put on skin and bone
    • He can 100% feel our pain
    • He knows what you are going through
    • He understand the challenges of your humanity
  • If you are having a hard time/difficult time/down day
    • Jesus knows what you are going through
    • He’s been there

TAG: “Therefore” – most quoted prayer verse in the Bible

Heb 4:16

If you have God in your corner… him being fully God/Man means…

  • He’s fully in control of the world & Fully engaged in ur everyday life
    • So lets go to Him…
    • Lets tell him what we’re going thru
  • Word Picture for Heb 4:16: kids… running into the kitchen
    • Son – Walks in & announces what he needs “Mom, I’m hungry”
      • He doesn’t think about it
      • He doesn’t wonder if we’re busy
      • He doesn’t ask if it’s a good time
    • He just tells us his need (like it or not)
      • I need to eat – Please feed me… *mimic*
      • Some of you – That’s my husband
  • But that’s what its saying to do with Jesus
    • Just tell him your needs
    • Don’t think about it… just do it!
    • He understands/cares/sympathizes… and HE IS ABLE

TAG: Going on to Ch 5 tells why priests are effective – relates to Jesus

Heb 5:1-2

This is one reason why God had to become man

  • So He could have compassion/sympathize with u
    • You can have all the knowledge in the World
    • Some things you don’t get – Unless experienced
      • So God came to experience
      • Mortality… Frailty… human emotions… temptation
  • Makes sense because he fully God/Man
    • As Man – Jesus can understand your pain
    • As God – Jesus can deal with your pain

Tag: Message is clear – GO TO HIM

Heb 5:8-9

2 things could really mess u up here

1. Learn how to obey – was Jesus disobedient

2. Being perfected – was Jesus not perfect before

  • Learning obedience
    • Original language: He fulfilled every step ordained by the Father
  • Being perfected
    • Word means: Completed

Put these two things together

  • He completed every task the Father gave Him
    • Therefore he is the Author of Eternal Salvation
    • Remember what Jesus said on cross…
      • It is FINISHED (Could have said “It is Perfect”)
      • And what he finished is available to all who believe

Now lets jump into these last 3 verses

Heb. 5:12

I wanna focus on the words: Principles and Oracles

  • Def of Oracles – Verbal communication
    • You need verbal communication of God (scriptures)
      • Jews learned scripture verbally
      • They would memorize and say it to each other
  • Def of Principles: Element (Elementary)
    • The ABC’s or 1,2,3’s… it’s actually talking of 10 commandments

With this context… what is the writer saying milk is?

  • He’s saying: You’re going back to relying on 10 commandments
    • And you aren’t relying on Jesus
    • So we have to teach u the simple gospel again
    • B/C you’ve become a baby longing for milk
  • Many of us think its the exact opposite
    • The Gospel is what you start out with as a baby Christian…
    • But as u mature – You need more to move on to deeper things
    • And that is definitely NOT what is being said here


Heb. 5:13

Wow… unskilled in righteousness (that’s not good)

  • What is righteousness (Right standing with God)
    • How do we receive righteousness
      • It has to be gifted… granted… given to us
    • How is it granted
      • By simply believing/trusting
    • And those who long for milk
      • They don’t understand righteousness

Righteousness is what weans you off milk

  • It’s the simplicity of Righteousness makes you mature
    • But many think it’s the opposite
      • Grace, faith, righteousness are the milk
      • Those are the things for new Christians
    • But to become a grown up believer
      • We have to get past this basic things
        • Get on to behavior modification
        • And all the more complicated stuff
    • And b/c of that – You don’t understand righteousness
      • And you have become a babe

Heb. 5:14

Lets go to Galatians – talks about idea more

Gal. 4:1-3

So what were these teachings of the world

  • If you follow all these rules or the “Law”
    • God will approve of you
    • AND you can create your own righteousness
  • Proof in next verse – Elements replaced by “Law”

Gal. 4:8-9

  • It’s saying: Now that you have been a mature son or daughter
    • Now that you understand Righteousness/Grace/Trust in Jesus
      • Why are you wanting to go back to the law
      • That which makes u unskilled in righteousness

Gal. 4:21

  • Under – Idea of wanting to be under a tutor
    • Need to point out what already said ch. 3 about tutor

Gal. 3:24-25

If the law is a tutor: Sole purpose is to point out that we need Jesus

  • And no one except Jesus could perfectly fulfill the law
    • Law proves that we need Jesus
    • But once Jesus had come
    • We no longer need a Tutor
  • Lots of Christians want to hold hands with the teacher & tutor
    • Like wanting to hold hands with ur Mom & Wife
      • Let go of mom
      • Hold your wife’s hand
  • This is where the Hebrews were at
    • Wanting to feel good in self righteousness
    • Wanting to have security in Jesus righteousness
      • But all it does is cause: Legalism/confusion/lead back 2 sin

TAG: So back to Gal. 4:21…

Gal. 4:21-23

Story of Abraham: God promises Abraham many descendants

  • Problem: Abraham’s wife has no children
    • So Abraham takes things into his own hands to help God out
    • Gets wife’s servant Hagar pregnant (Ishmael)
  • Gods not ok this – Wanted Abraham to trust Him
    • God had a plan – Abraham tried to do it on him own
    • His wife gets pregnant at 90 years old (Isaac)
    • So 2 babies: 1 came thru flesh (on own) – 1 thru promise (God)

Gal. 4:24

  • So this represent two different ways to relate to God
    • Hagar/Ishamel represents trying to do things on ur own
    • Sarah/Isaac represents letting God fulfill His own promises

Gal. 4:28-30

  • Now the woman saying this is Abraham’s wife Sarah
    • This story in Genesis 21
    • Paints picture of what Hebrews says about milk

[A little further down rabbit hole]

Talking about a feast thrown after Isaac was weaned off mom’s milk

Gen. 21:8-10

Lets bring it back to the Allegory in Hebrews

  • Maturity = Solid food / Immaturity = Milk
    • And on the day Isaac stops drinking milk
    • Ishmael starts to mock Isaac because of it
  • On that day Sarah speaks as a mom… inspired by God
    • Cast out that which represents the law
    • B/C it has no place w/ that which represents grace
      • Saying: There is no inheritance by works of your hands
      • And only inheritance by His work in your heart

If you are longing for maturity – To grow in faith

  • It will ONLY happen when u stop relying on yourself
    • And when you start trusting in God
    • Until then you will remain a child
      • If that is hard for you… if it scares you
      • Just make the decision like Sarah… to cast it out

Cast out your fear – Works come from fear

1 Jn 4:18 

That’s maturity… not relying on ur works/deeds/righteousness

  • But having Faith in Jesus Christ
    • We have to make a decision to change our mind…
    • On what makes you acceptable

1 Cor. 2:2 (Look at what Paul says)

  • This guy built up works his whole life
    • Memorized the Bible… He kept all of the laws
      • He says I know none of that matters now
      • Compared to Jesus
  • Jesus said over and over
    • Unless u become like a child: never enter kingdom

Col. 2:8-9

  • Reason we always end up at Jesus (Jesus Church)
    • Because in Jesus dwells the fullness of the Godhead
      • If you are looking for the Father – Jesus
      • If you are looking for the Spirit – Jesus

Col. 2:10 

We are complete in Jesus!

  • Any teaching that says you need more than Jesus
    • Is not from God and not in the Bible
      • He is enough…
      • He is the key to your GROWTH/MATURITY
      • Individually and as a community
  • All we need is Jesus… b/c He is who completes us
    • Heb. 5 – But solid food belongs to those who are of full age
    • Full age literally means complete
      • And you can’t make yourself complete
      • But if u trust the complete one – you’ll become complete

[Pray] – Prayer team up – Worship team up


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