Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 2

November 15, 2020   /   Jesus Church

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THE G.O.A.T. – Part 2

Good morning Jesus Church here & online!

If you have Bibles… Turn to Hebrews

  • Last week we started a series called: The GOAT
    • That Jesus is the greatest of all time
    • Everyone… Everything… Everywhere
  • We talked about human tendency to take replace Jesus
    • With things that are Good… Even Spiritual
    • But we lose track of what should be in the highest place
  • Because if you walk away from God out of disappointment
    • It’s b/c u haven’t put Jesus in the position he should be in
    • If Jesus is in his rightful place
      • You can face anything that doesn’t meet ur expectations
      • B/C Jesus is your greatest expectation… and he never fails

This week turn to Hebrews 3

Heb. 3:1-19

Heb. 4:8-12

  • Conclude reading for the day – I know that’s a bit confusing
    • Believe by time you leave: Understand the point
    • Speak: Jesus is the greatest of all time


Story: Ever met someone Famous?

Friend met Arnold Schwarzenegger: Super nice – Engaging – Charismatic

  • But he could get over how short he Is…
    • In movies He seems larger than life
    • Reason: They create smaller sets/doorways/angles
    • To make action hero’s larger than life
  • Tom Cruise – Meant to play 6’5” Jack Reacher
    • Is only 5’7” on a good day
  • This is human nature… we want people to be larger than life

Hebrews address Jews caught up in legend of Moses

By time Hebrews written – Moses larger than life

  • And of course… make no mistake: Moses is an amazing guy
    • If going pound/pound… epic story/epic story
      • Moses beats pretty much everyone in Bible
      • Outside of God
  • And Moses was used in “out of this world” ways
    • Incredible man/Faithful man/Good man (had his weaknesses)
    • Yet the 1st cent church saw Moses as pretty much perfect
      • And everyone wanted to be like Moses
      • Many thought he was the greatest man to ever live

Remember: Hebrews is written to Jews from the Old System

  • System where everything was based on what u could do
    • How you relate to God through rules
    • How close you could get to perfection
      • And Moses was basically a rock star
  • Now they come out of that system – Accept Jesus as Messiah
    • Trying to no longer trust in their…
    • : Behavior, Conduct & Adherence to 10 rules
  • But now their faith is in Jesus AND His completion of those rules
    • But as time passed: Start to feel pressure of old way
    • Struggling wanting to leave being like Jesus
    • Go back to being like Moses

Hebrews starts with Comparison

Heb. 3:1-2

  • Starts by easing in to the talk on Moses
    • First mention of Moses is that he is faithful… good guy
      • Everyone is for Moses
      • But Moses isn’t on the level of Jesus

Heb. 3:3-4

Moses being honored for being servant in the House

  • Jesus being honored for being: Owner of house/Builder of house
    • By the way: Builder of every house and everything else
  • So a couple verse into chapter 3: Moses is brought up
    • Quickly we see its no comparison… pretty short explanation
    • B/C Jesus isn’t just another character in Bible
  • Jesus is the point of the Bible
    • The builder of all things
    • And the central character of all existence

Heb. 3:5-6

  • So idea: Jesus is the Greatest is presented so the reader would
    • Put their Hope in Jesus… Trust in Jesus… Faith in Jesus
    • That’s the entire reason this letter was written
  • And coming into our season… we need to be reminded as well
    • Our Hope/Trust/Faith can ONLY BE in Jesus
    • And if you have lost Hope/Trust/Faith
    • Jesus hasn’t changed… so what have you been trusting in???

Now… About to turn into a very passionate plea to trust in Jesus

  • But please don’t misunderstand the emphasis here
    • This is not talking about PERFORMANCE
    • It’s talking about the POSITION of your heart
  • Performance will eventually catch up with heart position b/c…
    • What u TRUST most… eventually determines how u LIVE most
    • The issue is always how you trust…
    • Before its about how you Walk/Talk/Act…
      • Its who u trust & how u trust who u trust
  • Which is why church we believe in love, grace & acceptance
    • Believing that as a heart is changed… behavior will follow
    • Jesus changes us from the inside out

So this is the entire point of what is being said here…

  • We’re given clearest picture of TRUST/LACK OF TRUST in the Bible
    • And how both paths affect our lives

Starts with this comparison to Moses – Great Pastor

His church 2 million (1st cong. Of the Israelites)

  • Ans they’re not very nice people… not like u guys at all
    • And Moses lost his temper a few times
      • Broke things
      • Hit rocks (I don’t blame him)
      • I’d probably do worse
    • Remember: Moses has become a legend
      • This legends job was 2 lead them to a promise land…
      • But he never gets there
      • Nor does an entire generation
  • And the reason they’re not allowed in…
    • Not that they didn’t DO enough
    • Its b/c they didn’t TRUST enough
  • Next generation w/ Joshua gets to go in
    • Not because the conducted themselves better
    • They just trusted God could do what He said He would do

The whole issue was Faith/Trust… and Now Ps 95 about to be quoted

  • All about how one generation hardened their hearts
    • Didn’t believe God’s voice or He was able
    • They were held back from promised land
  • Also a sneaky way of reminding Jews: Moses is great BUT…
    • Hate to remind you that he didn’t actually fulfill the mission
      • Moses Mission – Incomplete
      • Jesus Mission – Totally Complete

Heb. 3:7-12

Evil is a very strong word… think about that word for a minute

  • What is he calling evil… did murder happen… or adultery
    • No… What did God call evil
    • Not trusting Him – Not trusting Jesus (THAT IS EVIL)
  • Maybe our evil scale is slightly off in our community
    • We know what we put in evil category
    • Our list of the evil sins… God puts – Not trusting me

Problem: We associate “SIN” with actions

Not so much on things like a heart of unbelief

  • We focus on tangible actions… you kicked my mom… that’s sin/evil
    • Why: B/C you can’t kick my mom
    • Everyone knows that’s evil
  • But when deep in your heart: Stop trusting Jesus
    • Hard to see this as evil

Reason unbelief is evil: Jesus can take care of sin… big deal (Jesus died)

  • But Jesus also defeated sin… so sin is covered
    • If u don’t believe/trust in His Son who conquered sin
    • Everything breaks down… it all hinges on TRUST/BELIEF
  • That’s why what’s most evil to God is LACK OF TRUST

Heb. 3:12

Notice those words “ANY OF YOU”… meaning this is a community letter

  • Speaks of assumption of community: incase u don’t like church
    • Obviously we are all supposed to be in on this together
    • Letter assumes the gathering of Jesus people together
  • Any lack of trust in Jesus – This causes us to depart
    • Not bad behavior… actions… not what u say when hit ur toe
    • It’s not trusting Jesus – but trusting in anything BUT Jesus
  • This is what the these people were struggling with
    • Do I trust in Jesus… Do I trust in something else
    • In His performance… or my performance (evil)

Heb. 3:13-14

As we go to Ch. 4 – Joshua is introduced

Heb. 4:1 (Context)

Heb. 4:7-8

One thing to talk on Moses… mentioning Joshua is very unique

  • Because the Greek name for Jesus & Joshua are the same name
    • And remember comparisons are all to Jesus
    • Jesus’ name in Hebrew was Yeshua… which is translated Joshua
  • So we are comparing of the first Yeshua to the last Yeshua
    • First Yeshua was very successful
    • Takes people to promised land… but it was only temporary
  • So Moses Mission – Incomplete // Jesus Mission – Complete
    • Joshua rest – Temporary /// Jesus Rest Permanent

Heb. 4:9

Here’s where things all come together

To grasp the power of what is being said… understand story of Joshua

  • Josh 5:13 – Jesus appears before Joshua (Yeshua / Yeshua face off)
    • Author connecting this together for Jewish mind
    • And it would be mind blowing
      • This is why I think Paul wrote Hebrews
      • He was smartest of the smart… only one who got all this
  • Might be thinking how did Jesus show up… wasn’t even born yet
    • First remember this is God (What we call a Christophany)
    • Jesus appearing in the Old Testament
  • Can that happen? – You tell me what God’s limitations are…
    • We know he acts outside of time
    • Doesn’t have to wait to be born a baby

Its ultimate proof Jesus is greater – In Biggest moment in Joshua’s life

  • He goes out on his own to scout out Jericho… first battle as leader
    • Giant shoes of Moses to fill… PRESSURE IS ON!!!
    • Days away from impossible future…
    • And he trusts in God… just struggling a bit
      • Just like Jews that Hebrews is written to
      • Just like you and me today

Josh. 5:13

This isn’t just a man with a sword – This is a man with his sword drawn

  • You draw your sword like you draw a gun… to fight
    • Naturally Joshua asks a question any warrior would
    • Um… so are you for us or the other guys
  • Answer Jesus gives has far prophetic implications for all of us
    • Are you for us or them… the strange guy says “NO!”
      • What: No… that’s not the point
      • No this isn’t about whose team I’m on

Joshua 5:14

Its PRESENT TENSE: Always here… but I want u to know I am here now

  • Meaning this wasn’t just a temporary position.. its always true
    • IAnd is he talkings to Joshua? Yes…
    • But I think it’s bigger than just Jericho
  • Because it shows us – In most daunting moment of Joshua’s life
    • In the most daunting moment of your life
    • Jesus is already there – Sword drawn… ready to fight for you

That’s the end of the story… talk about a let down to the story

  • Serious… Jesus has a sword drawn before a giant war…
    • And we get “Take off your flip flop” – Really?!?
    • And the story ends like that

Removing of shoes in ancient times was a statement

1: Statement of awe, honor AND superiority

  • There is this aspect to it… Joshua saying to Jesus: You are greater

2: The details say remove your sandal from your foot

Hebrew Lexicon: In transferring a domain it was customary symbolically to deliver a shoe; hence the casting down a shoe upon any country was a symbol of taking possession.

  • Jesus is telling Joshua – Claim your promise… and trust in me
    • And that ground wasn’t holy… it was ordinary
    • But b/c Jesus was there… it became extraordinary
    • And who was there first?!?!
      • Joshua looked up & Jesus was there… in the promised land
  • Saying: You can’t see it yet – But I’m here… and I’ll fight for you
    • And trust is when you realize before the battle… he is greater
    • Even when I can’t see the end result
    • Even when it doesn’t look like I can make it
      • Can’t I take my shoe off when I win??? NO!!!
      • Jesus says – Take off your shoe for I ALREADY WON!!!

Did Israel’s promise seem impossible… ABSOLUTELY

Ya… Joshua had to deal with the doubt in his heart

  • This was his debut… against greatest walls in all the world
    • They would have chariot races on them
  • And trust is essential… for when he realized Jesus is GREATER
    • Jesus is not absent/distant/watching from afar
    • You will see Jesus in your place of promise
    • He’s there before you are… ready to fight

But when we start trusting ourselves to take our land

  • We pull ourselves up by our bootstraps… opposite of what works
    • God actually tells us that it’s evil
  • Ironically here is the paradox.. as a community and personally
    • As we approach the Jericho’s of our life… what God puts b4 us
    • And it seems the walls are too high… too much to ask

Greatest temptation you will face… start strapping sandals back on

  • I’ll fight that battle first… then trust in Jesus (Who’s greater)
    • Isn’t that what this whole thing is about
    • Don’t try and do it on your own
  • Biggest way you will backslide in this life
    • Doesn’t start with doing bad things… saying bad things
    • It starts in our hearts as we begin to trust ourselves

Why in Hebrews 3:12

  • Saying look around your community… see anyone w/ 2 shoes on
    • Trying to do it on their own
    • Talk to them – Because they are in DANGER

Heb. 3:13 (But look at how the next verse says to talk to them…)

As a community it says “Exhort one another”

  • Exhort – Doesn’t mean discourage… it means to encourage
    • We have a Jesus and you are not Him… ur not the judge
    • Its our job to encourage… remind… warn – there is a better way
  • If u come up on someone in church… they are untying their shoes
    • Encourage them and cheer them on
  • If you come across someone in church… putting shoes back on
    • Remind them that Jesus is a better way
    • Give them your testimony… how Jesus fought for you

Best part of all of this: Anyone can do it

  • Not about who is: Smart/Knowledgable/Answers
    • It’s all about who trusts enough to take shoe off
    • And say Okay God… you are greater
  • What Jericho are you facing today
    • How insurmountable does that wall look
    • What is the miracle that you need
  • Your greatest temptation
    • Not some horrible act of sin
    • It will be unsuspecting distrust
    • Tries to sneak into your heart… and making Jesus less than

Heb. 3:14

  • The beginning of our confidence is trusting in Jesus
    • Not cling to ourselves
    • Just cling to our savior
  • And then what do we become… Partaker… partner who shares
    • Of what? Everything that Jesus has for us



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