Jesus is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) – Part 1

November 8, 2020   /   Jesus Church

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THE G.O.A.T. – Part 1

(Jesus is better than the angels)

Good morning Jesus Church here & online!

New series showing why Jesus is the Greatest of all time

  • This term is culturally called “The GOAT”
    • That’s the name of this series
    • Because Jesus IS the greatest of all time

One letter in the NT specifically makes the case that Jesus is G.O.A.T

  • Writer of Heb systematically takes on anything believed 2 be GOAT
    • And shows why Jesus is better
    • B/C it is so easy for us to let things exalt themselves over Jesus
    • But we need 2 be constantly reminded that Jesus is the greatest

Heb. 1:1-6 (NKJV)

  • Interesting to any religion that say Jesus is not God
    • That God specifically reserves worship for Him alone
    • Yet here He tells angels to worship Jesus
    • Which proves that Jesus is God

Heb. 1:13-14

  • That’s talking about us…
    • How many know that as sons/daughters of the king
    • Salvation is our inheritance
    • We don’t earn salvation… we were GIVEN salvation

Heb. 2:1

Heb. 2:5-11

  • Stop here for a minute: Not going over this part
    • We must understand Jesus Sanctifies… we are being Sanctified
    • This assumes a process
  • Salvation means we are instantly Justified
    • But sanctification is becoming Holy… becoming more like Jesus
    • And that happens through Holy Spirit
    • Main tool of Holy Spirit is God’s Word
  • When we’re convicted… its by the Holy Spirit (by truth of His word)
    • But we are not condemned b/c conviction part of process
    • And the enemy will tell you NOT TO GO to church b/c of sin
      • Reason: We go to church & hear the word… convicting us
      • Which continues the process of sanctification
      • That’s why the enemy condemns you > stop the process

Heb. 2:14-18

  • Excited 2 start series… start from subject: Jesus greater than angels
    • Talk about why this is relevant to you
    • Might think I’m not too into angels
    • Never have questioned this idea
      • You’ll understand relevancy as we study


Story: Ever noticed how people like to 1 up eachother

Like you have a story… well so do I but my story is better!

  • Don’t know why – Like my 12oy has to believe he is better than me
    • I’m almost taller than you
    • I’m better at games than you
    • I’m faster than you
      • None of which… by the way is true (yet)
  • But at 12… its the beginning of life long game “top that”
    • And there always is the guy who’s story always little better
    • And if you don’t know that guy
    • You might be that guy
  • Even Christian guys do it… but cloak it in “Jesus Language”
    • Hey Brother, great to see you
    • Prayed for 2 hours today: Praise God
    • Top that guy: I just pray with out ceasing
  • God is so amazing… I read the book of Hebrews this morning
    • Top that guy: Cool, ya I’ve got that one memorized
    • Glad you like read

I don’t know why we play this game… but its like we have no choice

  • And honestly who cares… great ur faster than me
    • Meaning if we are ever hunted by bear… you will live & I’ll die
    • Congratulations – but it doesn’t really matter
  • Xian Comedian… talked about if Neil Armstrong was your friend
    • What would it be like to play top that with Neil Armstrong
  • Sitting around 4th of July…
      • I got to test drive a tesla
      • I got to do a ride a long in a jet
      • I got to fly jets
    • Neil comes by: Hey guys, well I walked on the moon
      • Who invited Neil to the party
      • You can’t top Neil

We’re gonna look at God’s “TOP THAT” list

And through what God shows us: Jesus is the greatest of all time

  • Imagine best thing/person there is
    • It’s not greater than Jesus
    • Look how this whole case starts off…

Heb. 1:1-2

  • Worlds? I thought we had a world (Evidently there are aliens)
    • But if there were – Jesus is over all those too & made them

Heb. 1:3 (Remember this is “top that”)

  • Ok you win God – YOU WIN: Very apparent right away no one is…
    • Better/Higher/More Superior THAN JESUS
    • King of Kings… Lord of Lords – The best of best / better than rest
  • Which is why Jesus isn’t just the greatest… but greatest of all time
    • Because when ur brain attempts to understand…
      • All that Jesus is
      • Everything he gave for us
      • The love he showed toward us
    • This is apex thing to think on in human history
      • Science is great
      • Math is (sorta) great
      • Social Studies is great

When you are fixated on Jesus and what he did

  • That’s when ur brain works at optimum level…
    • He’s the centerpiece of it all AND the greatest story ever told
    • And when we dive into the goodness of God (cross/gospel/rez)
      • It’s the highest of the heights
      • It is the best that it gets
      • It is the ultimate thing to think on
  • The best way to use your brain: Think upon Jesus
    • B/C when you think on Jesus (The top)
    • Everything else fall into place… come into perspective
    • For they are put where they should be
      • Which is underneath our Savior Jesus

TAG: First 3 verses God puts Jesus in rightful place

But v. 4 is a little odd… says Jesus greater than angels

Living in 2020 – Western World – Gone thru enlightenment

  • Maybe your thinking… why angels… who debates angels & Jesus
    • And your probably for angels
    • But if like me: I don’t struggle comparing Jesus to angels
    • Think of chubby precious moments baby w/ wings
  • Easy to read verse 4 and find a disconnect
    • Not really wrestling on praying to angels or Jesus

Remember Context – This is written to 1st Cent. church around AD 70

  • Written primarily to new believers (Jewish – thus the name)
    • Just came out of Judaism… and they r starting to have doubts
    • They can’t wrap heads around Jesus
      • He fulfilled the law / Is the messiah / God in the flesh…
  • Hebrews is addressing issues they struggle with
    • Angels were highly esteemed in Jewish religion
    • Angels in OT – Major player in God talking to man (messengers)
    • In fact… the name “Angel” became holy in Jewish culture
  • Jews revered angels so much – People started serving angels
    • Angels were the focus of conversations
    • They were considered holy
    • People wanted more than anything… experience an angel
      • They would long to feel wind from an angels wings

Verse 14 says: Hold up… angels are here to serve us as we serve Jesus

  • And I’m not against angels… but we can’t put them on Jesus’ level
    • And you’ll see as letter goes on Jesus is greater than
      • Angels/Moses/Joshua/Aaron/Priests/10 commandments
      • Customers/Traditions/Preferences/Styles
  • So when it says: God spoke in times past w/ Prophets & Angels
    • Mentions these because Jesus isn’t an OT prophet or an angel
    • Jesus is GOD – And his position is immediately established

Then chapter 2 starts w/ “Therefore”

Now that you know Jesus is better: Pay attention

  • There’s a dominant human tendency in us that makes this relevant
    • You might not be struggling in Angel department
      • You’re thinking finally a week he’s not talking to me
      • I’ll sit back, relax & not feel convicted at all
      • About to burst your Bubble

Human tendency in all of us: Take a subject & make it an object

  • We want to objectify the subject… meaning we take JESUS
    • Who is God… amazing… massive… powerful & gracious…
      • But is also admittedly hard to grasp
    • And b/c we can’t wrap our heads around all that God is
      • We will simplify it w/ something we can
      • Taking the subject… turning it into an object
      • B/C I can work w/ objects… comfortable w/ an object
  • So we replace a subject w/ object: Which is the Def of Idolatry
    • What WE think of Idolatry
      • Little wooden guy… weird angry face
      • Burning incense… humming

But the Human tendency: Make even GOOD things our idols…

  • Think about it… we don’t make bad things idols usually
    • It’s the good things we CAN wrap our minds around
    • The things we CAN make sense of
  • We make the object big deal – Jesus goes on the back burner
    • Object becomes our place of worship

Scholar: God made man in His image – We’ve been returning the favor ever since

TAG: How about other spiritual things we objectify / shows up in life


Jesus is better than Miracles

Not against Miracles – Just like I’m not against chubby angels

  • Hebrews isn’t against angels… or miracles
    • But Jesus is better than miracles…
    • But because miracles are more comfortable than Jesus
    • Now instead of serving Jesus… now we serve miracles
  • Now we gather and say we need more miracles
    • I’m all for miracles… but what we need is Jesus

Young couple came in here looking for church family

  • I was in a series on Jesus (Go figure)
    • They were hungry for something… looking for something
    • After our community was eating together
  • In service people committed their lives to Jesus
    • Their question: where was miraculous… where were miracles
    • Their world view: We need more miracles… and that’s true

Jesus is better than Worship

Wait – Worship is 4 Jesus… but we take the object & make it the subject

  • Now we worship > worship… we need a revolution of worship
    • We need people filling stadiums and singing songs
    • B/C we need to unify around worship
  • And we fall in love w/ the feeling… the emotion of singing together
    • And there is nothing wrong with desiring powerful worship
    • I love worship
  • But we so easily lose sight that worship is a tool for us to use
    • Worship serves us… So we can serve Jesus…
    • Just like Hebrews says that angels serve us
    • So we can serve Jesus

Just like angels were meant to serve the Jews and all Xians

  • So that we can serve Jesus
    • But we end up using Jesus to serve us so we can serve angels

TAG: Do u see the relevance now – Little more crazy

Jesus is better than prayer

Are you against prayer – NO! – I prayed this morning

  • I love prayer… prayer is great… but so I serve prayer OR Jesus
    • When someone asks how relationship w/ Jesus
    • Answer: Well I prayed today
    • I went to 5 prayer meetings this week
  • Today I’ve had 3 22 ½ minute prayer sessions
    • Why are we timing our prayers… b/c we just love prayer

I understand the passion – Need to pray absolutely

  • I get it and believe in it… As long as prayer is to help us serve Jesus
    • If u feel like your status has improved w/ God – B/C u pray good
    • It is no longer about what He has done

TAG: Now this is the last thing you thought you’d hear from pastor

Jesus is better than serving at church

How is your relationship with Jesus

  • Great I go to church and serve every week (kids/worship/outreach)
    • I’m sorry… but that’s not what I asked
  • Like asking husband how is your marriage
    • Get an answer of: Bought her a house… feed her food… clothes
    • That isn’t an answer… I asked how is your marriage
  • Where is Jesus in all of this
    • The church isn’t the subject – JESUS IS
    • Worship isn’t the subject – JESUS IS
    • Prayer isn’t the subject – JESUS IS

TAG: I’ve picked on you – I’ll pick on myself

Jesus is better than preaching 

Pastors fall in love with preaching… we wanna led people w/ a sermon

  • We want to change peoples lives with words
    • I’m so excited to share this week… gonna change lives
    • And we take the object… and make it a subject
    • And now Jesus exists to serve me
      • So I can serve preaching
      • So I can serve as a pastor
  • Where is Jesus in all of this… we cannot forget
    • Jesus is greatest… Jesus is the point… Jesus is better than it all
    • Not against any of these (Especially preaching)
    • It has to be subservient to Jesus


Now that we know He is better

  • He’s better than any discipline/devotion/expression/phenomenon
    • And now that we’ve established that…
  • PAY ATTENTION: For where we focus – our community will go
    • God has some amazing things for us to do
    • I don’t want to grow as a church being so busy…
    • Doing… going… serving… singing… loving… leading… preaching
  • That we take Jesus out of His position as the greatest
    • Replace Jesus with good works
    • Replacing the subject with an object

Heb. 2:1 – Another dominant human tendency 

Hear is what we think when we hear Drift = Sin

  • Context here: Sin is not what is being talked about here
    • Theme here is drifting back to what?
      • To trusting ourselves / Value based on performance
      • To trying to be perfect / obsessing over my deeds
  • None of these are bad… but the better find their proper place
    • Underneath Lordship of Jesus Christ
    • B/C anything can attempt to challenge the position Jesus holds
    • But we cant agree with that challenge

Lest we drift – How do you stop drifting???

  • Drift: Para-Reo – Carelessly slip away
    • We think drifting happens by
      • Doing bad things
      • Cussing at people
      • Taking Jesus pumper sticker off you car
  • That’s not how you drift… you drift by becoming careless w/ gospel
    • By taking Jesus for granted
    • Not putting the subject (Jesus) above the object
  • Examples
    • I haven’t seen my miracle… if Jesus is in his rightful place
      • I’m still believing and trust God has the best for me
      • If its not what I think… Its gotta be something better
    • If he isn’t in his rightful place… my miracle has taken his spot
      • If I don’t get my miracle… my way… in my timing
      • I don’t even know if I want Jesus in my life anymore
    • Not content w/ Jesus because I don’t believe Jesus is the best
      • Be careful with where Jesus sits in your life

Friend who leads worship… got a new Taylor Guitar – $6000 guitar

  • People would ask to see it
    • This is what he would do… “SEE”
    • He protected that guitar with his life
    • Reason was b/c great value… demanded careful attention
  • Pray this mentality of community towards Jesus
    • Who knows what future looks like in western world
      • Who knows what persecution will come
      • I don’t pray for persecution: That’s weird
    • Chances are it could come
      • They could take our programs
      • They could take our guitars, projectors, lights
      • They could take our websites and podcasts
      • They could take our buildings
  • If those things were never our focus
    • If they never held our primary attention
      • They could take it all
      • But you can never take our Jesus

So as community: Lets take careful attention & give the highest value

  • To the Jesus and the Gospel… for he is the Greatest of all time
    • It’s the only sure thing we have in this life



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