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Living Water – February 19
February 19, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 6:9-13

Living Water – February 19

February 19, 2021 / Matthew 6:9-13

Living Water Guide
This Living Water Guide is designed to help you
immerse yourself in the Living Water of Jesus.

Friday, February 19th:

Before you begin, take a moment to ask the Lord to prepare your head, heart and hands to receive the refreshing spiritual water He has for you.

HEAD: Read Matthew 6:9-13

  • What are some early prayers you remember learning as a child?

HEART: Take a moment to look through “The Lord’s Prayer” passage again. As you look through it, what are the parts that stick out to you. Maybe you will focus on receiving “daily bread” today, or maybe you will be reminded to forgive someone. Take time and ask God to speak to you specifically in regards to each area of The Lord’s Prayer.

HANDS: Take the rest of your time today to pray through the “Just P.R.A.Y.” method we learned this past Sunday.
• P- Ponder (His Greatness) – what are some of the “great things” of God
that come to mind today?
• R – Roots (Dig Deep into his love for you) – see “heart” section above
• A – Able (to do infinitely more) – what big prayer requests do you have
for Him today?
• Y – Yield (to His Will) – finish your prayer with “not my will, but yours be
done Lord.

On this final day, review and reflect on all you have read this week. Take the time to revel in the ways you’ve experienced the Living Water of God pouring into you in the past week. Take a moment to select a reading from God’s Word today. What do you sense God speaking to you right now?

Close your time in prayer.

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