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Testify | Playlist
August 29, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Psalms 145:

Testify | Playlist

August 29, 2021 / Psalms 145:

What an old man has learned from getting to know God:

1. God can 

2. God is 

3. God is 

4. God always 


BIG POINT: There is  in my !



What I’ve learned .


Additional Notes:


Read Psalm 145 and discuss:

• Why does David emphasize that he is going to bless the LORD every day forever and ever? What is the power in praise and testimony?

• What is the importance of one generation testifying of what they’ve learned about God to another generation? Does this happen very often? What are ways we could intentionally do this?

• Talk about what David learned about God and why it matters. As you acknowledge each truth David has learned from following God, how can you testify to it yourself? Give specific examples.

• Read Revelation 12:11. Why is our testimony a weapon against the Accuser? How can we use this even today?

• How does remembering what we’ve learned about God give perspective to the uncertainty or trouble around us?

• Let’s imagine you’re writing Psalm 145: Share your testimony of what you’ve learned about God.

• What impacted you most from the message? How can this be applied?

Additional Notes:


• Sit down and write your personal “Psalm 145” identifying what you have learned from walking with God.

• Pray for God to provide the opportunity to share your “Psalm 145” with someone every day this week, being ready to bless the LORD every day!

Additional Notes:

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