Stewarding the Gospel

April 10, 2022   /   Hudson View Baptist Church

“Stewarding the Gospel” 

I Thessalonians 2:1-20

“But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak…”


Paul spends the entirety of chapter 2 describing ministering towards others. It was purely out a genuine care for people and a stewardship of the gospel. 

Stewarding the Gospel has both congregational and personal implication – how are we corporately and individually making disciples? This is our Great Commission as a body, and it is an individual responsibility as a disciple of Christ.

The description of this Great Commission ministry starts with…

I. The Ministry of the Steward 

1. The Ministry’s Startnot in vain, but bold (v. 1-2).

– Vain means: empty handed, empty vessel, useless, destitute

The conclusion of the Bible is that the ministry of God’s Word and the labor therein is never in vain

– Bold means: free to speak with confidence. 

2. The Ministry’s Sharing – not deceitful, but as stewards (v. 3-4). 

– Exhortation means: to call to one’s side. 

– It reflected the theology of the incarnation. Christ did not shout the truth from heaven but lived the truth alongside us.

3. The Ministry’s Sacrifice – not greedy, but loving (v. 5-9). 

– The ministry we read of was a description of giving, not taking. Paul did not come with covetousness. He entered with the posture of: “how can I give to these people? What do they need?”

4. The Ministry’s Summary – pure & purposeful (v. 10-12).

II. The Reception of the Hearers

1. The Word was received (v. 13).

– It was not the ministry of the Apostles that stood out, it was the Word of God that left the mark. 

a. The Word of God powerful

b. The Word of God is active

– The ministry of the apostles was nothing without God and His Word. 

2. The example was followed (v. 14a).

3. The suffering was disregarded (v. 14b-16).

– The suffering that the churches of Judaea were not a deterrent to following Christ, but rather an encouragement.

– It is here that we find hope in affliction; that perhaps our affliction becomes a beacon of light and hope for another brother or sister in Christ. 

III. The Drive of Ministry 

1. The shepherd wanted to be with the sheep (v. 17-18). 

– Who have you poured into in your local church to the point that you greatly desire to be with them? 

2. The shepherd wanted to please the Shepherd (v. 19-20).

– It was the conversion and growth of the believers that Paul would have the honor to present one day to the Lord. 


Three Questions for Personal Application:

  1. You have been entrusted with the Gospel of Christ, what are you doing with it?
  2. Are you being faithful to allow God’s Word to effectually work or are you concerned with your agenda and plan?
  3. Is your motive sincere love and concern for God’s glory or are you more concerned with your glory?


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