Simple Reminders for Your Home

July 15, 2020   /   Hudson View Baptist Church

Simple Reminders for Your Home

-Sometimes we overthink God’s design for our homes and the relationships therein and as a result, we are often overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible task of doing our home God’s way.

-3 simple and relieving reminders for maintaining God’s way of building our home:


Root Your Love in Christ (I Corinthians 13)

-What is love?!

-“Charity” (agape) = a to show affection and goodness toward

-3 Ways “The Love Chapter” applies to your home:

1. Christlike love matters more than anything else in your home (vv. 1-3)

-There’s a huge difference between “” and truly loving.

-You can be a wonderful provider, a great parent, a faithful spouse and yet still lack in that which matters to God: LOVE!

-Doing without loving becomes !

2. You’ll show the most Christlike love in your home when they irritate you (vv. 4-7)

-This kind of love isn’t fully shown until life gets .

-Unless someone offends you, you don’t need to be patient.

-Unless someone wrongs you, you don’t need to refuse to keep a list of wrongs.

-Unless someone you, you don’t need to bear all things.

-Unless someone disappoints you, you don’t need to hope all things.

-The love God calls you to show [toward others assumes you will be offended, wronged, annoyed, disappointed, and hurt. And when this happens, you have a prime opportunity to show] what Jesus’ love is really like, because Christlike love is magnified when it is on sinners.

3. God calls you to lead in Christlike love (Eph. 5:25)

-Jesus Christ is the example to emulate in leadership in your home.

-He sacrificed Himself for His bride, the church.

-He personally cares for the church’s needs and cherishes her—even in her struggles.

-Don’t wait for your family members to initiate love or it.

-Be the one—to pursue peace after an argument, to pursue reconciliation after harsh words—be the one to take a Christlike lead!


Keep the Journey Simple (Colossians 3)

-God’s plan for progress in our sanctification is simple:

1. Keep loving what is (vv. 1-4)

-“affections” = to feel, to think, to direct one’s mind to something

-All that we are about is to be about things of eternal significance.

2. Keep fighting your sins (vv. 5-9, 11)

-Our identification with the death and resurrection of Christ does not mean that the battle with sin is over!

-The condemnation from sin is eliminated, but the with sin continues.

-“mortify” = Aorist (tense) Active (voice) Imperative (mood), it means the action that the verb is describing is the result of something that happened in the past and it gives rise to the action that you are commanded to take in the present.

-So, because Jesus put to death our enslavement to sin, we need to make the choice to put it to death on a practical, moment-by-moment basis.

Our old man was crucified with Christ, but he so wants to come down off that cross and get back to business as usual.

3. Keep your Savior (vv. 10, 12-17)

-It’s tempting to measure spirituality merely on the basis of prohibitions–what we don’t do. But we are called to Christlikeness (v.10), which is active, not passive.

-This is not just the avoidance of vices–the Christian who is growing will increasingly be like Christ [and will] cultivate Christian virtues.

*Colossians 3 describes a Christian life that is mundane and —don’t over-complicate it!

-He’s calling us to spend our lives simply cultivating eternal values, fighting deep-rooted vices, and growing in Christlike virtues.


Remember the Mission (Ephesians 6:4)

-4 Prerequisites to Jesus-oriented Parenting:

1. Never get over God’s grace to you (Eph. 1-3)

-Always stand in of what God has done for you as a sinner.

2. Don’t think you have what it takes (Eph. 5:18)

-You cannot rightly raise your children or conduct home-life unless you are continually controlled by God’s indwelling Holy Spirit.

3. Be the most humble in your family (Eph. 5:21)

-You’re the leader…but a leader leads by serving! 

4. Be healthily afraid of being the wrong kind of (Eph. 6:4)

-Children bear the responsibility of their own choices, but a father is to intentionally avoid provocation.

-3 Parenting Pointers:

1. Intentionally instruct – admonition

2. Patiently bring them up = be bringing them up

3. Christocentrically parent – of the Lord

*This is 24/7 instruction about the Lord Jesus Christ from a grace-saturated, Spirit-controlled, servant-minded parent.


Wrap Up:

  1. Love like Jesus
  2. Keep it simply about Jesus

*Taken from Gospel Meditations for Men by Chris Anderson & Joe Tyrpak



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