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Interacting God’s Way
June 21, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Luke 6:27

Interacting God’s Way

June 21, 2020 / Luke 6:27

Interacting God’s Way

Luke 6:27-49

-That way we tend to interact often depends on how we view , how we view people, & how we view ourselves.

-The most problematic element in most interactions seems to come from one source: me / self

-Self is often much higher than it was ever designed to be and that elevation causes lots of problems in our interactions!

-Here, there are 3 specific interactions Jesus addresses and some of God’s principles for interacting in those situations the way He desires us to.


Notice, 1st of all, if you’re going to interact God’s way, you must…

I. Love Your (27-38)
3 ways Jesus Says to Love Your Enemies:

A. Return for evil (27-28)

B. Get rid of thresholds (29-30)

C. Let win (31-38)


-Notice the 2nd “must” when it comes to interacting God’s way…

II. Your Correction (39-45)

3 Prerequisites to Practicing Biblical Correction:

A. Figure out Who you’re going to (39-40)

B. Fix issues first (read 41-42)

C. Find , not perfection (read 43-45)


III. Position Your Bible (46-49)

-3 Things to Remember When Interacting with God’s Word:

A. Determine Your (46)

B. Dig deep into God’s Words (47-48)

C. Don’t the digging (49)


Wrap Up (Interacting God’s Way):

  1. Ask God to help you to love the unlovable in your life.
  2. Approach correction with great humility.
  3. Place God’s Word in a position of absolute priority at all times.



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