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From Cliche to Christianity
September 20, 2020

From Cliche to Christianity

September 20, 2020

From Cliché to Christianity

Luke 9:18-22


-In this section of Luke 9, Jesus gets very specific about Who He is and what must take place in order for a person to be related to God.

-We will look at 2 common clichés we use in the English language and how they tie in to what Jesus showed us here about Christianity.


I. Say what you mean and what you say! (Luke 9:18-21)

-Jesus begins to pinpoint what people’s belief of Him is by what they are saying about Him.

-Jesus is leading these guys to a profession that is…

1. (Luke 9:18)

-This question of Who is Jesus is answered in so many ways by people in society today. (reference video of interviews in NYC)

2. Trivial (Luke 9:19)

-All of these false professions of Christ are trivial, because they do to help a person’s relationship with God or their eternal destination!

3. (Luke 9:20)

-It was not popular to say that Jesus was “God.”

-There’s no place for “sitting on the fence” when it comes to our belief in Who Jesus is!

*Jesus claimed to BE the presence of the Kingdom of God among people…He claimed to have God’s own authority to forgive sins…He claimed to be “one with the Father” (as well as distinct from Him in Person)…He did not deny the charge that he made himself equal with God. If you’re going to believe in Jesus, you have to take All of Him or None of Him!

-What’s your profession of Jesus today?

-Your profession of Jesus should be matched by a heart of Faith in Jesus–which leads to eternal salvation through Jesus!

4. Tasteful (Luke 9:21)

-What Jesus seemed to be pointing out was there is a time and place to share His message.

-Jesus was not withholding the Gospel from these people–He was simply giving it to them when and in the way they needed to hear it!

-We need discernment from the Lord to know how to tastefully share our profession of Christ with those He’s placed around us.

-There’s a definite mandate to share It, but also a definite need to consider our in doing so!


II. Where the Rubber Meets the Road (22)

-4 specific details Jesus said were necessary in His payment for our sins:


2. Rejection


4. Resurrection

-Have you embraced this truth for yourself? (you can today!)

-Are you magnifying this truth in your house with your children? (you can today!)

-Are you sharing this truth with your neighbors? (you can today!)

-Are you letting this truth cause you to worship your Savior? (you can today!)

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