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Conquest, Collapse, & Redemption
July 7, 2021

Conquest, Collapse, & Redemption

July 7, 2021

Route 66: Travel Through the Bible 

“Conquest, Collapse, & Redemption”

A survey of Joshua, Judges, & Ruth

Joshua: “Claiming the Promise”


Joshua begins with Israel under new leadership, at the banks of the Jordan River, now prepared to claim God’s promises.

The claiming of the land began with Joshua’s leadership. He recorded the conquest in this book, the beginning of the historical division of the Old Testament.

God gave Joshua three promises in Joshua 1:1-5.

    • The promise of the land of
    • The promise of help to be a leader
    • The promise to be with Joshua

God promised the land, but Israel had to care for it and drive out the evil nations and destroy their

Discussion: why would God have commanded destruction of the idols rather than simple avoidance? 

Joshua was commanded to in and obey the book of the Law.

Following God’s promises would require courage and strength. Joshua 1:9 gives good reason for courage.

Godly courage is needed when a promise of God though our stand in opposition.

God provided the formula for courage in Joshua 1:6-10.

    • Obey God
    • Read, memorize, and think about God’s Word
    • that God is with me

Never Forget

Throughout the book of Joshua, Israel, at God’s command, established three separate memorials. Each memorial was designed to remind them of God’s and teach each following the same (Joshua 4:5-7).

    • 12 Stones from the Jordan River that were to remind Israel of God’s provision to cross the river and provide the land.
    • Circumcision that reminded Israel of His covenant and acknowledged His of them.
    • Passover reminded Israel of His deliverance form Egypt.

Stewarding the Promise

After the conquest of Canaan, God the land among the twelve tribes.

This shows orderliness and stewardship while establishing planning and the dividing of .

Joshua’s Commitment

Joshua challenged Israel to live in light of God’s provision and deliverance in Joshua 24:15.

This verse challenged the nation while placing responsibility of the unit.


Judges: “The Dilemma of Freedom”

The book of Judges is a disturbing story that shares the tragic result of Israel failing to fully obey God’s commandment to drive out the Canaanites and destroy their idols.

Note: The Judges of Israel were military rulers who were preach His Word and guide Israel to serve God.

Judges reveals the sad cycle of that Israel faced continuously through this narrative.

Cycle of Rebellion: Sin leads to oppression which leads to repentance which leads to deliverance which leads to peace which leads to sin

Because Israel had failed to drive out the Canaanites, they were exposed to their gods and their rituals of false worship 

Note: Our study last week of the Law revealed that our God is a jealous God. Nothing else deserves our worship. God alone is worthy of our worship and praise.

Judges reveals a downward spiral further and further away from God by focusing on the character of key Judges.

    • Gideon – was used by God to drive out the Midianites but revealed a character of cowardice and revenge.
    • Samson – was used by God to destroy the Philistines but displayed promiscuity, violence, and arrogance.

A key phrase in Judges: “There was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his eyes.”

Judges further establishes the need for rule and governance and the importance of full compliance to God’s Word and its .


Ruth: “Preparations for King and Redeemer”

The story of Ruth is a story about seemingly unimportant characters that God uses to unfold His beautiful story of .

Ruth makes a promise to her mother-in-law, Naomi in Ruth 1:16 and demonstrates great .

Boaz is revealed as the Kinsman Redeemer (a culturally accepted family role where such appointed man would marry the widow to provide for and protect her).

Redeem defined: to release from by paying a price; to purchase or buy back.

Christ bought you out of sin. You were born in bondage to sin, but Christ bought you back (redeemed you) with His own blood (I Cor. 6:19-20; Eph. 1:7; I Peter 1:18-19).

Matthew 1:5 reveals Ruth and Boaz played a crucial role in providing Israel a King and later their Messiah.


The first three books of history reveal God’s commitment and provision to His people despite man’s sinful mistakes. What a picture of grace!

Family Discussion:

  1. (Joshua) What are three practical ways to establish memorials like Israel did to remember God and point the following generations to His faithfulness?
  2. (Judges) Why do you think times of peace and rest for Israel would often lead back to sin and idolatry?
  3. (Ruth) In what ways has Christ redeemed you? Remember redemption’s definition: to release from bondage by paying a price.

*Study from Route 66: Travel Through the Bible by Mark Reed, Positive Action for Christ, Inc.

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