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Christian Conclusions
October 4, 2020

Christian Conclusions

October 4, 2020

Christian Conclusions

Luke 9:27-36 & Mark 9:9-10


-Conclusions based upon are the safest conclusions to draw.

-We must be careful of drawing conclusions based on mere feeling!

-True Christianity leads us to make some definite conclusions a/b Jesus.


-Notice 1st of all, Jesus presents a truth that is presented as a…

I. (Luke 9:27-29)

-The King of the Jews suffering and being murdered did not make sense to human understanding, but Jesus would show them how it really was true!

-Jesus took these guys aside and showed them that what is going to happen to Him here on earth might look devastating now, but in light of what it means for the Kingdom of God, great glory is right around the corner!

Romans 8:18, “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”


-Notice the 2nd truth Jesus points out about Himself to these guys is presented as a…

II. (Luke 9:30-36)

-Peter started drawing some conclusions before he had all the facts.

-He opened his mouth before he knew what to say.

-Jesus is the direct fulfillment of both the Law & the Prophets!

-The Law was designed to point a sinner to their need of Jesus and Jesus came to fulfill what the prophets had foretold about Him.

-Both the Law & the Prophets were God’s tools to point people to His ultimate solution for them…Jesus Christ!

-All issues of the Christian life are subservient to Jesus Christ and His Gospel!

-The voice of God confirmed the priority of Jesus!

Col. 1:18 “…that in all things He (JESUS) might have the preeminence.”


-Notice #3, Jesus points out and leads us to draw conclusions about His…

III. (Mark 9:9-10)

-All the claims of Jesus to be the Son of God and the Substitute for sin were validated by His resurrection from the dead!

-Conclusions about the resurrection: (summarized well by Pastor Kurt Skelly)

1. of Salvation

-Provided ultimate credibility to Jesus’s claim to be the Savior. 

2. Power over Sin

-Power over sin in our own strength is an exercise in futility.

3. for Serving

-Think about it—because of our resurrection life in Christ we are connected with the LORD.

4. Promise of Security

-Christ arose and provided the sure hope that—in Him—we can all have confident hope of a glorified body.



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