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December 9, 2020   /   Hope Fellowship Church

Word Became Flesh – Dean Johnson – 12.09.2020


3 Reasons Jesus Came


  1. Jesus came to erase misconceptions about God


  • People aren’t clear who God is
    • He’s (God of the old testament) – he punishes people/rules
    • He doesn’t – let my___ die; why are there so many bad things in the world?
  • But Jesus came to clarify who God is – He’s the only one that’s qualified

John 1:18

Proverbs 8:30 ISV

  • This is Jesus talking the writer of Proverbs, “I was his delight” – that’s you – God in you.
  • “I was continuously rejoicing in his presence” – continuously? Like without stop?    
  • Jesus was God with skin on – he is Immanuel, God with us.
  • He’s with us at our lowest point. When we’re hurting, he’s there – When we’re anxious he’s there – When we feel lonely, he is there. He is God with .


2. Jesus came to express the Love of God


John 3:16

  • Jesus expressed the love of God – he showed it to people he ministered to, the hurting (the woman with the issue of blood), the sick (blind, paralyzed, skin diseases), the outsiders (sinners, tax collectors), the powerful (Roman Centurian, Nicodemus – High ranking Pharisee)
  • Jesus showed the love of God – by coming to be us, to be one of us.
  • He could of sent an angel, but he lowered himself to be born as a baby. He could have said, “Hey, let me go down there as Emperor of Rome, I can fix things that way.”
  • He came as a baby, so that He could be one of us – and and our trials and troubles and temptations.
  • Because He came, He’s changed our lives forever
  • Because Jesus came to express the love of God – your life is changed forever. Because of that –

a) Your past is – and your current struggles are covered.

b) You have a for living. You don’t have to spend your life running from thing to thing trying to find satisfaction and peace.  You have a purpose – GOD – in all you do. WHAT you do doesn’t really matter – HOW you do it is most important.

c) Your is in heaven – this place is not your home. This isn’t all there is – it only gets better.


3. Jesus came to enable a relationship with God


  • A relationship between YOU and God. There’s 7.8 BILLION people on this planet.  About 2.3 billion Christians in the world.  That means there’s about 5.5 BILLION people that DO NOT have a relationship with God. 
  • And here you sit, GOD – – YOU.  That God came for you – that you might know who He is, that you might know his LOVE and that you might ENJOY a relationship with Him that honors and glorifies him.

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