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HOPE STUDENTS – Breakthrough Week 4
September 2, 2020

HOPE STUDENTS – Breakthrough Week 4

September 2, 2020

~Story of the Breakthrough of Job~ Lizzy Goff 09.02.2020

  • Job 1:6-12 
  • Satan was walking to and fro. He comes to , and .
  • Satan to God.
  • A few things to learn from Job when he was in a place of desperation:
    1. Job’s initial reaction was .
  • Job 1:20-22 
  • Job blame God.
  • Even after everything, Job did what was right and God was pleased.
  • Job 2:3 
  • When the devil knows that God is very pleased with you, he will do everything he can to your relationship with God.
  • It’s important to make sure you have the people around you, ESPECIALLY during a bad time.

2. Job didn’t speak negatively toward or his

  • His words had .  He didn’t speak about how bad things were.
  • Even with being sick and miserable Job didn’t sin with his lips. He wasn’t NEGATIVE. Words have power.
  • Job 2:9-10 
  • He tells his friends who God is to him.
  • Job 9:4-8
    • Wise
    • Stronger
    • Mountain mover
    • Sovereign
    • Walks on walks
  • Job 23:10-12

3. Job that God has a plan. 

  • Job to his integrity 
  • Job 27:3-6
  • Job 38 –> God reveals His to Job.
  • Omnipotent = having unlimited power; able to do anything.
  • When God that you’re desperate, He you of who He is.
  • Job truly had a breakthrough when he that God has used this situation for a specific reason.  He is here to love .  That’s why He was made.  He wasn’t here for his own pleasure.
  • Job 42:5 
  • Job 42:10
  • Job took the focus off of himself and put it on God and others.
  • Love . Love people. That’s your purpose.  When something happens, keep loving God.  Keep loving the people around you. 
  • Jeremiah 29:11 
  • A question we had earlier was “why in the world did God suggest Job to Satan?”  It’s because God wanted to use someone to show all of us what our purpose is and we should react in a desperate situation.


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