First Baptist Church
Judge Not
March 21, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 7:1-5

Judge Not

March 21, 2021 / Matthew 7:1-5


I.The : Judge Not Matthew 7:1

* God declared right and wrong in His Word, we simply echo His truth.          

            Judge Not = Don’t practice judgement by the Pharisees.

II. The : That You be Not Judged Matthew 7:1-2

    That you be not judged = Your of others will provide material for your own judgement at the of Christ

III. The Eye of the Matthew 7:3-4

  1. The sin of the is greater than the sin of the .
  2. The sin of the critic is

IV. The Eye of Matthew 7:5

  1. Humbly yourself to the of God
  2. of your sins and self-righteousness
  3. Move to others was the Holy Spirit leads you

V. Application

  1. Our primary focus should be on our
  2. Our primary need is His overcoming
  3. Criticism is an of self righteousness
  4. When our with God is off, so is our
  5. Clarity will bring the proper

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