Harbor Light Community Chapel
How Much is Enough?
April 3, 2022

How Much is Enough?

April 3, 2022

Chase It -vs- Earn It 1 Timothy 6:9-10

Idolatry Colossians 3:5 I Colossians 3:23

Workaholism Exodus 16:23 Sabbath Rest Genesis 2:2-3

M Luke 12:15 Contentment Philippians 4:11-13

Gambling Proverbs 13:11 S Philippians 4:19

“E all you can, s all you can and g_ all you can.”

~ John Wesley

Two Wrong Paths

P Matthew 19:21-22

Money is a Tool It’s About Control God is Your Provider

P James 4:2 John 14:14

God does Bless Blessed to Be Blessing Using Situations

40 Days with Moses – D D Exodus 16

7 Years with Joseph – Saving for F Genesis 41


RComparing What You Have Isaiah 26:3-4

R in What You Do Have James 1:17

R the First and Best Malachi 3:10

RYour Grip Deuteronomy 15:7-8 Matthew 25:40

R or Retread Numbers 8:23-26

How are people robbing God in Malachi 3:10? Why is it a “test”?

What would be most difficult for you to live 40 years in the wilderness?

When you think about retirement, what comes to mind? Why?

“How Much Is Enough?”

Money Talks Series

April 3, 2022

Fill in the blanks: Industry, Materialism, Security, Earn, Save, Give, Poverty, Prosperity, Daily, Dependency, Future, Resist, Rejoice, Return, Relax, Retire


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