Gospel Light Anderson
Genesis Week 7
February 12, 2023

Genesis Week 7

February 12, 2023

Gospel Light Church 

Genesis Series 

February 29th, 2023 

Sermon #7


More To The Story (Part 1)


Genesis 2:4-9 ESV 


This is the first mention of “”. 

Genesis 2:4 ESV

  • Today we have approx. living generations on planet Earth  – See Image on Screen
  • The two most recent generation and not included in the graphic would be:
    • Generation Z – 1997-2012
    • Generation Alpha – 2012-2025
  • This is also the first use of the (Yahweh) in the Bible. 


Our English word Lord comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for bread because ancient English men of high stature would keep a continual open house where all could come and get bread to eat. They gained the honorable title of lords, meaning “dispensers of bread”.

– David Guzik –


Genesis 2:5-6 ESV

  • There had not been any rainfall at this point and that God had used a “mist” to water His creation. 

God Man:

Genesis 2:7 ESV

  • He used the that He created as the substance for man.
  • The word formed in the Hebrew means to or .
  • God in His divine design created a complex human but used the most simple ingredient to do it….the of the earth. 


God Man:

  • He didn’t just speak this into existence – this was more intricate, more personal.
  • God breathed into His creation by using His breath and His !
  • Man became more than a living creature, he became a living (KJV).
  • The life and power of God gave animation.


A Place to Grow:

Genesis 2:8-9 ESV

  • The Lord God planted a garden In Eden. A garden is an intentional place to
  • God made a special place to facilitate for Adam. 
  • Eden means “delight”, “a place of much water or even “place of



  • God made the trees to spring up and some of those trees would produce food for the consumption of Adam.
  • Trees are a top focal point in the Bible, only second to the creation of man.
  • God speaks much of trees throughout the Bible and there is a great parallel between trees and humans.
  • There is deep symbolism that flows from Genesis through Revelation. 


There were distinct trees that God had created here in Eden:

1 -The Tree of Life – to give and sustain life 

  • This tree was right in the middle of Eden.
  • A gift from God to provide something that NOTHING else could provide.
  • It provided life giving fruit.

Revelation 2:7 ESV 


2 -The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evilto test and reveal to man. A tree of.

  • This tree was right in the of Eden. 
  • A gift of God as it was the part of Gods creation that would reveal to man that he wasn’t programmed or created to NOT have a choice. 
  • It provided fruit that would bring
  • Adam would have to pass this tree all the time and it was to be a ‘

    A River:

    Genesis 2:10–14 ESV 

    • A river flowed out of Eden and then divided into other rivers.
    • These four rivers would reach the four corners of God creation.
    • This main river and its’ distributaries where a life giving system of water that sustained other geographical locations.



    Genesis 2:15 ESV 

    • The Lord God took man and put him in the garden to .
    • This wording is vital to seeing the symbolism with the garden of Eden being the original to worship God. 

    Genesis 2:16 ESV 

    • First command given by God to man. It was given directly to !
    • God first told Adam what He was permitted to eat and then him what not to eat.

    Because God created Adam with a , He could make a choice. The presence of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil provided Adam with a daily reminder of that choice. 

    • If there is never a command or never a forbidden act there can never be a choice.
    • Adam only had ONE way to sin in the garden. He faced that decision every day but by never gave in, until he was later influenced!
    • God also gave a clear consequence for breaking that command.

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