Flint Groves Baptist Church
January 31, 2021


January 31, 2021



 1 Timothy 4:4-8 (ESV)


MESSAGE GOAL: The goal of this message on The Means to Godliness is to stress the importance of exercising our spiritual lives the way some people exercise their bodies to get in shape, and to explain the benefits of disciplining ourselves spiritually and abiding in the presence of Jesus.


1. You must use your   in Christ to develop godliness.

It’s possible to have a membership without using the benefits of that membership.

  • When you accepted Jesus Christ, you got a membership that gave you access to His spiritual gymnasium for the purpose of exercising godliness.
  • This workout is not to create godliness, but to develop the godliness you already possess by virtue of your salvation (2 Peter 1:3).
  • Even though you’re converted, your soul is living in the flesh, which still produces ungodly thinking, appetites and actions that need cleansing.
  • The reason so many Christians stay defeated for so long is that their souls are out of shape. Spiritual fitness needs to take priority over physical fitness.
  • Physical exercise is profitable for a little while, but godliness is profitable for now and for eternity.
  • If you’re working your body out more than you’re working your soul out, you have your priorities mixed up.
  • Bodily exercise may affect the quality of your life, but it will not affect the quantity. That is,  you will still die at God’s appointed time.

    2. Exercising godliness means the presence of Jesus. 

    • Jesus is the source of all godliness
    • Jesus’ indwelling presence in us is the secret of godliness (Colossians 1:27).

    The more time you spend exercising godliness, the more you will see changes.

    • When you exercise godliness, your spiritual muscles will begin to grow.
    • Another benefit is that the “clothes” of the old ungodly ways won’t fit anymore.
    • If you want to grow more, get a “workout partner;” help someone else grow in godliness and you will grow (1 Timothy 4:11).

    3. You can not have God’s blessing without godliness. 

    • Too many Christians come to church primarily to get a blessing.
    • The problem is that people want to be blessed, but they don’t equally want to be godly.
    • There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be blessed, but when we disconnect blessings from godliness we’re asking God for something He’s not free to give.
    • Godliness is the foundation of blessing.


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