April 4, 2021   /   Flint Groves Baptist Church




Galatians 2:11- 21 ESV


The goal of this message on The Hope of the Cross for Today is to help Christians find their identity in the cross, to die to self, and to experience the power of Christ in their daily lives.


1. The cross is central to a Christian’s

Examine the role the cross plays in your personal identity

Make the cross the centerpiece of your identity

When you became a Christian, a legal transaction took place that justified

you and made you one with Christ.


2. The cross established a newpoint

Allow your oneness with Christ to influence your thoughts, actions, and decisions

1 Corinthians 15:31

Choose to die to yourself and live for God

There can be no resurrection without a crucifixion.


3. How to with the cross

Live by the faith of the Son of God

Put your faith in the only worthy object

Jesus Christ is the only One worthy of your faith.


4. The cross gives us

Identify with the Cross of Jesus and find strength

Philippians 4:13

Allow Christ to empower your mortal body for His service

Colossians 1:27


5. with the cross through , not rules

Don’t add anything to the cross

Open the door to God’s blessing by identifying with the cross


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