The Cross

March 28, 2021   /   Flint Groves Baptist Church



Galatians 6:11–16

The goal of this message on The Hope of the Cross for Today is to learn how to make the cross central in our lives so we can experience the power, peace, and mercy that comes through a relationship with Christ.


1. The cross is to the Christian

Remember Christ and the cross

Make the cross central in your life


2. The cross provides

Look to the power of Christ


3. The cross provides a  and not religion

Don’t let religion replace the cross

Focus on your relationship with Christ

Serve God out of love rather than duty


4. The cross provides a new 

Let yourself be spiritually crucified with Christ

Align yourself with Christ


5. The cross provides your 

Carry your cross daily

Bear the reproach of Jesus

Recognize you are a new creation


6. The cross providesand

Walk according to the rule of the cross

Guard against trusting in religious activity

Let the Holy Spirit empower you


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