Standing Alone With God

March 21, 2021   /   Flint Groves Baptist Church

Standing Alone with God

Pursuing Prayer Part 7


Main Idea: How are we to live in a world that seems so full of evil? The Bible is full of what seems like superhero’s Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel and Elijah. Just to name a few. What gave them the ability to stand with God while evil was right next to them. Today we are going to consider an unlikely weapon. Silence just sitting quietly before God and letting His power work in us.


1. God and give us power to live holy in an evil day!

  • Elijah lived in an evil day with an evil king.

I Kings 16:30

I Kings 16:33

  • Elijah was not spared the pain of suffering just because he was God’s man.


2. Being with God is the only way to be for great challenges in our lives.

  • Solitude is one of the most powerful tools in our lives.
  • Solitude is the only way to escape this busy, distracting, noisy world.

I Kings 17:1-7

Benefits of Solitude:

  • Solitude brings clarity to your own thoughts.
  • Getting alone with God is essential to hearing God’s voice.
  • Solitude is where we enter into God’s rest.

Hebrews 4:1, 8-9

3. Solitude leads to then to

  • God rested on the six day not because He was tired but, because He was finished.

Genesis 2:2

Exodus 20:9-11

  • The rest of God is designed to reflect on God and all He has created in our lives.
  • When we lose sight of the rest of God, we lose our wonder of the greatness of our God.
  • Worship takes place in God’s rest.


  • Jesus took time to be alone with the Father.
  • Satan’s best weapon is a distracted church.
  • Satan must keep us away from a quiet place with God.


4. God does work in us in a place.

Hebrews 4:2

*A quiet place with God helps you to hear and know the voice of God.

*Resting in God is a supernatural tool to connect with God.

  • God will never send us to a brook of solitude to waste your time.
  • When God leads you to a place of solitude, He is preparing you for His strategic plan.


5. Time alone with God will you thru the mountain top battles in our lives.

  • Sometimes it is just you and God.

I Kings 18:26-29

  • Elijah wasn’t praying as he built the alter, he was acting on what God had already taught him in solitude.

I Kings 18:35-37

  • The fire that consumed the fire on Mt. Carmel had first consumed the heart of Elijah.
  • Pursuing Prayer unlocks the power of God’s kingdom in our lives.



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