Lessons from Unanswered Prayers

March 7, 2021   /   Flint Groves Baptist Church

Lessons from Unanswered Prayers

Pursuing Prayer


Main Idea: Most of us believe that God is able. However, many of us find it hard to understand unanswered prayers. The real question is not is God able but, what do we do when our prayers seem to go unanswered?

Prayer is the divinely authorized methodology to access heavenly authority for earthly intervention.

1 Samuel 1: 1-28

I. There is in unanswered prayers.

1 Samuel 1:2-7

  • Unanswered prayers can lead us to hopelessness.

Proverbs 13:12

  • Sometimes the unanswered prayers are spiritual and not just physical. (V.5)
  • When we are in deep pain, our time of trials seem to creep by. (vs.6-7)
  • When we find ourselves with unanswered prayers, ask God to show you what you can see.
  • We must not let our situation determine our worship. (v.7)

II. Sometimes it is more than to cry out to God. (v.10)

1 Samuel 1:10

  • Pain is real and deep and sometimes it seems there is no relief.
  • Our prayers will become desperate and refined.
  • When we find ourselves in a desperate place, we should remind God how His answer to our prayer would benefit God himself. (v.11)

1 Samuel 1:11

  • Praying the benefits of God will change our attention and the focus of our prayer.
  • This type of praying reveals our motives.
  • God’s desire is to be first in our lives.

Four questions to consider in our prayers

  1. Is what I am praying for going to benefit others?
  2. Does my request, if granted, bring glory to God?
  3. How will this request advance God’s authority on earth?
  4. Will the answer to my prayer equip me to serve God more fully?

III. We must our lives God’s hand. (vs.14-20)

1 Samuel 1:14-20

  • When we have aligned our hearts with God we need to move forward in faith.
  • We must not experience a lack of action. (v.20)
  • Commit to being a part of a bigger plan.
  • Simply put, it is acting believing that God is answering in truth and in perfect timing.
  • Ultimately this is about submitting our plans for God’s (vs. 23-28)

1 Samuel 1:23-28

  • When praying, don’t forget the promises we commit to God.
  • Sometimes God is working to help us let go of something for His glory.
  • Example: Abraham gave his son back to God.

Luke 6:38

IV. When we step out in faith and give to God out of our lack, we are our faith in God.

1 Samuel 2:22


  • Surrender your secret prayers
  • Surrender your desperation
  • Surrender your timing
  • Surrender your strength for God’s strength


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