Blueprints Part 5

May 30, 2021   /   Flint Groves Baptist Church


Blueprints Part 5

The kingdom agenda is the visible demonstration of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of Life.

Genesis 2:21-25

  1. Nothing is of more importance to kingdom living than the saving, preserving, and properly the family.
    • The family was part of the plan from the beginning
    • The family should be understood as being created to and for the Kingdom


  1. God created the family to mirror HIS image and as they exercise on HIS behalf.


  1. God gave every part of the family their roles so that they would be under rule.


BITTER TRUTH:  Satan wants to remove and destroy the dominion of God by messing up roles so that the family is destroyed.

    • Your calling trumps your sexuality
    • Elohim refers to God’s power (Gen. 1). Lord (Jehovah) refers to God’s relational control or management (Gen. 2).
  1. God said He is not only the God of power but also the God of.
    • The family is key in the expansion of the kingdom of God.

Whoever owns or controls the family owns the kingdom.

Nation and Church changing truth:

  • Satan gets men out of alignment with God, women out of alignment with their husbands and therefore out of alignment with God.
  • If we are going to save our nation, we’d better save our families.


Key Text:

I Corinthians 11:3

Ephesians 6:1-3

Genesis 3:3-5

Joshua 24:15

Genesis 18:18


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