Blueprints Part 2

May 2, 2021   /   Flint Groves Baptist Church


Part 2

Understanding the True Problem:

When we surrender our lives to Christ one of the biggest changes in our lives is our worldview. This is the lens that we see the world through. This new world view will change our agenda from ours to Christ.

The kingdom agenda is the visible demonstration of the

comprehensive rule of God over every area of Life.


The diagnosis of the church today:

2 Chronicles 15:3-6

In this test we are witnessing the total breakdown of a society. Chaos was now the norm. Three major issues are exposed, and they are right in front of us today. Notice three major issues for the Israelites.

  1. The Israelites were without the God.
  2. The Israelites were without a Priest.
  3. The Israelites were without the .


The Solution:

1. God’s rule over all creation and over every area of our lives.


2.  Acknowledging that God’s is above all other agendas.

  • God’s kingdom is not of this world.
  • God’s kingdom reflects his sovereignty.
  • God’s kingdom operates for his glory alone.
  • God’s kingdom operates according to his will.

John 18:36   Matthew 6:24-25, 33

God is in charge

Psalm 103:19   Romans 8:28

We are all created for his glory

Isaiah 43:6-7

This is really good news for us today

Colossians 1:15-17


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