The Return of Jesus Christ

November 14, 2021   /   First Free Will Baptist Church

Falling into place: Tribulation

Matthew 24:27-31

We are being conditioned-Birth Pains and tribulation

  1. The birth pains will begin, increase and deliver the tribulation.
  2. Tribulation will come in a 7 year period: first 3.5 setting up a world government, false peace and Israel’s freedom to worship. The Last 3.5 will be unleashed evil upon everything that claims Jesus.
  3. Then Jesus will call an end to the great evil.

What will be seen at Christ’s return? V27-28

      • Jesus return will be for the world, but not bodily visible.
      • Jesus describes His return as a .
      • Jesus return is to bring upon the world for the wickedness that it accepts.

Immediately, the entire world will know. V29-31

      • The world will see: the darkened, the will have not light to reflect and the will visibly and physically fall from their place.
      • A will appear visible in the sky.
          • Great and great .
          • The worlds response: as Christ shows up. (Judgment, Lightbulb event)
      • Jesus will send His angels with trumpet to from every corner of the globe.

Our response.

      • Know the and watch for the .
      • Do not get caught up or worry about the things.
      • God in our of eternal salvation.


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