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The Jesus Story-Foretelling
November 10, 2021

The Jesus Story-Foretelling

November 10, 2021

The Jesus Story:

Luke 1:1-25

Luke’s Backstory

The Gospel of Luke is in the form of a letter to a man named Theophilus. Luke wrote after having carefully investigated all the facts about Christ (1:1–4). Luke documents Christ’s life from before his birth through his ministry, death, and resurrection. Jesus carried out his ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, announcing the good news of salvation. He showed numerous times his compassion for the poor and the outcast. He fulfilled prophecy and carried out his purpose: to seek and save the lost. Luke gives the fullest account of Christ’s birth, and only Luke records the parables of the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. Luke, a physician and a colleague of Paul, probably wrote this account in the early 60s a.d. He also wrote Acts.

Dedication of Theophilus

      • Luke writes his and orderly account of Jesus and presents it to a faithful believer.
      • Luke was written to you of the certainty of all things Jesus.

Foretold-John the Baptist

      • John’s parents. v5-7
        • Zechariah and Elizabeth
        • They were and loved by God.
        • They were up in , passed the child bearing years.

The angels announcement. V8-23

      • God as we are going about our business.
      • His name will be John and he will people toward God.
      • Zechariah is made mute because of his .

Elizabeths pregnancy. V24-25

      • Elizabeth was , self conscious but ready to say what God had done.

Foretelling Take aways.

      • God has a timeline and everything is done .
      • God can use in any situation….He loves showing up.
      • John was special to the plan of spreading the to the world and so are you.


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