The great sign of tribulation

November 7, 2021   /   First Free Will Baptist Church

Falling into place: Tribulation

Matthew 24:15-26

We are being conditioned-Birth Pains and tribulation

  1. False Gospel and churches prepare the way for THE Anti-Christ.
  2. Wars and rumors of wars prepare the way for global war and murder.
  3. Global warming/Covid prepare the war for unusual disturbances in health and nature.
  4. Then: Christ followers will be persecuted, hated and betrayed because they follow Jesus.
  5. Tribulation: Many fall away. Many will betray family and friends and be encouraged by global influencers. Global lawlessness will spread and there will be no love for mankind.

The nation of Israel during the tribulation.

      • The first 3.5 years will usher in a agreement with Israel and the world.
      • Israel will seek God in a tribulation and worship again with sacrifice.
      • Israel will have a in the peace given.
      • This with many will mark the tribulation period.

The abomination of desolation. V15 (Daniel 9:27)

      • This will be the greatest and most specific observable of the times.
      • Anti Christ will disrupt Israel’s worship, sacrifice, and temple happenings. (Daniel 12:11)
      • Anti Christ, the world dictator, will institute of himself in the temple.

Jesus instruction for Israel when this occurs. V16-20

      • Those in Judea must to the mountains.
      • Do not go and get things from your house and to get your coat if you are in your field.
      • This run for safety will be on some or certain times a year or if on the Sabbath.

The suffering will be unlike anything the world has experienced. V21-22

      • The that will be pressed upon the world will be unlike any evil ever witnessed.
      • The hope-God will because of the .

Nothing will be a s it seems during the last of the tribulation. V23-26

      • If the media is pointing toward a savior, do not believe it.
      • The elect will be given every opportunity to be lead astray.
      • Church! Stay true to and know it well.


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