First Free Will Baptist Church
Rumors and Disturbances
October 3, 2021

Rumors and Disturbances

October 3, 2021

Matthew 24:7

We are being conditioned!

  1. and churches prepare the way for THE Anti-Christ.
  2. of wars prepare the way for global war and murder.
  3. prepare the war for unusual disturbances in health and nature.

The world is always in turmoil !

  1. will rise against nation and against kingdom.
    • (Ethnos) people groups.
    • The turmoil within borders, countries and localities indicating a breakdown in the principle of loving our neighbor.
    • (Baileia) groups in regions.
    • The turmoil and posturing of nations economically, socially, religiously and militarily to gain superiority.
  2. Unusual disturbance in food availability and in nature.
    • Reasons for : supply, war, oppression, poor health and infectious disease.
    • Increasing turmoil on a global scale will help usher in a new world order and leader that will “save” the world from……everything.
    • Freedom must decrease for someone to promise safety.
    • Concerning stats:
    • 6/10 Americans say the increase in severity of natural disasters is due to climate change.
    • 1/5 people have lost a relationship over covid disagreement.

What do we (believers) do in the midst of famine and uprisings?

  1. Know the basics and get back to it!
    • Love .
    • Love .
    • Build : discipleship, church family and the lost.
    • Share : Share to our brothers and sisters, share to those struggling in faith and share with those who reject your faith.

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