First Free Will Baptist Church
After the tribulation
November 21, 2021

After the tribulation

November 21, 2021

Falling into place: After Tribulation

Matthew 24:32-51

We are being conditioned-Birth Pains and tribulation

  1. The birth pains will begin, increase and deliver the tribulation.
  2. Tribulation will come in a 7 year period: first 3.5 setting up a world government, false peace and Israel’s freedom to worship. The Last 3.5 will be unleashed evil upon everything that claims Jesus.
  3. Then Jesus will call an end to the great evil.
  4. Jesus will immediately return.

Lesson from the fig tree. V32-35

      • The instruction of the fig tree is intended for the that would see these things take place.
      • Regardless of the status of the church, during this time Jesus intends all believers that see these things happening to immediately.
      • “It would be easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for Jesus to fail.”

No one know that day or hour. V36-51

      • Father God alone sets the for Jesus return.
      • The example of Noah instructs us int he statements “those taken.” In Noah’s day and the return of Christ, those taken were the . Those without faith and salvation. Those left on earth will see the Kingdom of Christ ushered in.
      • So, stay ! Do not make excuses! Know God’s Word!
      • You must be in the hour you don’t expect.
      • We must know Him and be about His work. The of our lives exposes the love of our life. Don’t. Be found a hypocrite.
      • The inward condition of the heart must be truly or the fate of the individual is eternally separation from God.

Our response.

      • about your spiritual maturity.
      • on your spiritual maturity as much as you work, family or serve at the church. There is no substitute.
      • Let the Word you.


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