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Putting Fear in its Place

November 27, 2022

Daniel 3

is a common emotion that we all share.

What is ?

  • Fear is defined to be an unpleasant emotion in response to or a danger or threat.

How Does Fear Affect Us?

  • Paralysis
  • Physical Illness
  • Loss of
  • Thinking, Feeling and Acting

Some Questions to Consider:

  • Is there a god who can rescue you from your situation?
  • How big is the God you serve?

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1, NASB

Notice 3 Important Points:

  1. Their ability to stand was not based on God them from their situation, but instead it was based on the of God and their faith in Him and His ability.
  2. They that God would deliver them from their situation – whether on earth or in heaven.
  3. of the outcome of their situation, their in God would not waver. Their situation did not have any bearing on who God is.

10 Important Truths to Consider:

  1. God gave them to stand for Him.
  2. God did not them from their circumstance.
  3. They their lives to God.
  4. God was by their faith and trust in Him.
  5. God with them in their circumstance.
  6. God them from the flames.
  7. God them through it.
  8. God them out of their circumstance.
  9. The people and Nebuchadnezzar were at what God had done.
  10. God received the .

Some Thoughts for Our Situations:

  • God is us.
  • God will us.
  • God will for us.
  • God will us.
  • God will us.


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