The Disciple: Who Do You Say I Am?

October 25, 2020

The Disciple Sermon Series

Message 4: Who Do You Say I Am?

Lombard Bible Church

October 25, 2020


Scripture: Matthew 16:13-19

Have you answered Jesus’ question: do you say ?


Scripture: Matthew 16:20-23

We must let Jesus take the

We must be enough to admit we could be .


Your own notes:

Discussion Questions (perfect to go over with a friend, LifeGroup, or family member)

  1. Have you ever mistaken someone for someone else? Share your story (extra points for hilarity) 
  2. Jesus was mistaken for a lot of people as He challenged His disciples to accept and believe His true identity. Read Matthew 16:13-23. What did you hear from the Scripture or the message this past Sunday?
  3. Read Matthew 16:15. This poignant question is for us as well. Who do you say Jesus is? When did you first come to that conclusion and why do you believe that’s who Jesus is? 
  4. Read Matthew 16:22-23. Peter (who had selfish mindset instead of a godly mindset) takes the lead and tells Jesus what He should & should not do and say or should not say. But Jesus wants Peter to “get behind” Him. Do you believe you let God take the lead in your life? How so? How would you tell if you aren’t letting God take the lead of your life? 
  5. In Matthew 16:16 Peter gets God right; in Matthew 16:22 Peter gets God really wrong. Do you have a tough time admitting when you’re wrong? How might you treat others– via social media, small group gatherings, bible studies, and church, etc … –differently if you came in with a mindset that you could be wrong about something you say or believe? 
  6. Challenge: What’s a question you have about God or faith that you’re not sure about? Schedule a time to talk about that question in-depth with a friend, pastor, governing board leader, or LifeGroup next week. 
  7. How can I pray for you? 

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