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Slaves to Sons
August 30, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Galatians 4:1-7,

Slaves to Sons

August 30, 2020 / Greg Powell / Galatians 4:1-7

The works of the law could never offer us a meaningful relationship. To be a slave your entire life is devastating and discouraging. To be under the guidance of a schoolmaster is frustrating and limiting. But to be a son or daughter, to have a Heavenly Father, that’s a relationship you can enjoy for eternity. Let’s explore this concept deeper today.

I. The Ancient  (1-3)

  • Each culture had a time when a boy, though an in the family, would be treated like a
  • At a certain age, he would pass from being a servant to a .
  • Paul uses this illustration to describe what God does in our lives by faith in Jesus Christ.
  • To live like a slave means to go back in bondage to the basic elements of the world or to the “ of religion.”
  • To move from slave to son, you enter a .

II. The Adoption (4-5)

  • How do we go from slaves to sons? !
  • God sent Jesus at the right . (historically, culturally, politically)
  • God sent Jesus with the right . (Born of a woman under the law)
  • God sent Jesus with the right
  • God spent the most precious thing He had for unwanted outcasts like you and me. But wait, there’s more!

III. The Amazing (6-7)

  • – The law could never provide a meaningful relationship.
  • Rather than the spirit of , we now cry out Abba Father because of our .
  • – As a son, I have access to everything my Father offers.
  • Do you think and speak as a slave of sin, or as a son made free?
  • Many Christians view their relationship with God as and slave.
  • Our position of sonship is meant to give us with God. 

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