The Kinds of People Jesus Loves

June 7, 2020

The Kinds of People Jesus Loves

Luke 6:13-16

What Were They Like? (12 Disciples) (13-16)

1. Simon (Peter) – fisherman by trade; natural leader, but his often got him in trouble!

2. Andrew (Peter’s brother) – fisherman; 1st one we know of who chose to follow Jesus; not a personality 

3. James (son of Zebedee) – fisherman; seemed he came from a family of affluence

4. John (son of Zebedee) – fisherman; “the disciple that Jesus loved”; wrote a/b love more than any other Scripture writer; a bit

5. Phillip – don’t know much a/b him, but also had a heart to reach people w/ the Gospel 

6. Bartholomew (Nathanael) – seemed to have a bit of a superiority complex, but a very heart

7. Matthew – tax collector (very despised group of people b/c of dishonesty); a heart to see others like himself be introduced to Jesus

8. Thomas – “Doubting Thomas”; pessimist of the group; though plagued with , he became quite courageous

9. James (son of Alpheus) – “James the less” – nothing really known a/b him; kind of person

10. Simon (Zelotes) – “the Zealot” – very firey; enthusiastic; likely a political activist in younger years.

11. Judas (James’ brother) – (Jude, Thaddeous, Lebbaeus); seemed to be really concerned a/b fairness and

12. Judas Iscariot – betrayed Jesus for money

-The diversity of this group of guys and the plethora of issues they all brought with them  shows us an important truth: Jesus loves kinds of people!


Four Hope-filled Truths for Today’s Struggle:

1. The Gospel does not .  

-The Gospel is not for any one people group–we all have the same need to be redeemed from the slave market of sin.

2. Jesus is the answer.

-Jesus and ONLY Jesus is the answer for the world today!

3. is the time to decide.

-What’s decided in one’s life when it comes to the Gospel of Christ can only be decided in this life alone!

4. You have the awesome privilege of .

-God uses sinners like you and me to point other sinners  who have never trusted in Christ to the life-giving hope of the Gospel!



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